Do Nemeses always spawn per game session?

Question in title



they briefly nerfed Nemesis to not always show up per game session, there was much rage, then they restored it. so they will always spawn again

There wasn’t much rage, it was me telling Zantai I thought it was a little silly to lock content behind RNG during my stream and then him replying that it was the first good idea I’d ever had.

I remember this well.

in that case keep streaming :wink:

and Nemesis already had RNG, we never know exactly where they’ll spawn

Yes, but at least you can check all the spawns now and be sure to find them at one of them, and not just check 80% and think “maybe it didn’t spawn at all” and remake the game, but you just forgot one of them. The way it is now if you haven’t found the nemesis you can be sure that you forgot to check a location.


*except when you first get to Nemesis level, in that game ONLY there is a reduced chance for the Nemesis to spawn as it won’t appear in already cleared areas but isn’t guaranteed to spawn in the remaining uncleared areas.