Do people really "farm" Crucible 150-170?

Sorry if this is a stupid question, I haven’t been playing Crucible for a long time.

The way I see it, to efficiently farm CR 150-17 your build must :

  • Be able to do it under 7.5min on average, to save for the tough spawns and mutators.
  • Has something close to 100% success rate, even 80% is unacceptable for me, because everytime you die basically you have to start grinding wave 1 for a few minutes, which is a mind-numbing process with no rewards. Personally I can’t even stand it, so everytime I die I have to take a break for a while before coming back for the grinding bullshit.

So yeah, is 150-170 a realistic farming place without stashing and similar stuff?

Personally I prefer SR tbh. Even on Normal, it is more efficient and easier.

The thing I like the most about SR is that it allows room for mistakes, that’s it. Not everyone has superhuman reflexes. The first time I died in SR I was surprised that I could just go back and keep going.

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Depends. When I started playing Crucible have like 2 or 3 complete sets and lack lot of items. But for couple weeks was able to farm almost all of them+ excellent MI items. So it can be farm. But the thing is currently Crucible is tougher than late AoM days. Especially for melee, it’s easier to be nuked out of existence. Margin for error is less than before. Still Crucible is the fastest way for farming. Now the question is, do people think 170 is worth compared to 100-150?

Sure, 150-170 grants a bit more rewards, compared to 100-150 + 130-150 x 3, but it’s much, MUCH more dangerous. Realistically speaking, very few (if any) builds can safely farm it, and those must be clad in BiS gear (so they dont need loot anymore).
I also wonder, which builds can farm it QUICKLY and SAFELY.
Personally, i think one should farm 130-150, or farm SR 70 or 75 (which is far more forgiving, and thus easier, despite what Zantai claims)

Honestly anything under 10-12 min per run is fine and shows your build is well-made.
You still get loads of items with that clear time.

As for the topic: yeah people do farm it. But if you can’t do 150-170 you can do 100-150 or drop down a difficulty. Both are still very rewarding, especially when you compare it to the campaign.

I think “farm” is just an expression. 150-170 is the challenge and that is what people seek after hundreds and thousands of hours invested into the game. That’s why you can see the time in the title so often. It’s a competition between the power of the builds, and the imaginary number of purples/doublegreens per minute is just a number. As stated above, people who have skills and builds to farm 150-170 consistently probably don’t need any loot already.

there should be a sticky thread that gives community approved tips of what are:
-the best AND safest end tier farming lvls in cruc and sr (example: wave 100-150 and sr 50-70 or something)
-end tier CHALLENGE lvls in cruc and sr where the purpose of taking these challenges are to measure the top rated builds in current meta and to determine the most dangerous end levels that can easily become impossible due to enemy and mutator dice rolls (example: wave 150-170 and sr 75+). players do these lvls to defeat the challenges, not to farm (though if you play the best cookie cutter builds for these end tier challenges, nobody’s stopping you from using those builds to farm the challenges endlessly).

I can understand that people do that just for the challenge. However I did see comments about 150-170 being the best place to farm and I’m just curious. I mean even testing your build there is a pain since you can’t just do it repeatedly like SR. You die once, you have to grind for a few minutes to try again, it’s a nightmare without stash.

SR is indeed a LOT more forgiving than crucible (at least in SC).

I see that claim as a bit too ambitious. I was able to beat 150-170 with some of my builds, clad in BiS gear, but i’m still not so confident to say i can do it all the time without deaths. Even a 10% death rate would be an annoyance, forcing to waste extra time on tribute farm. While farming 130-150 yields comparable result (in terms of loot) and is almost 100% safe to any decent build.
That’s why i always claim, that SR 75 is actually easier than Crucible (at least, on SC). It’s because in SR your death doesnt matter much. You die several times, no big deal. Even if you have buffs in Crucible, it’s very hard to avoid death all the time, considering how hard enemies hit there.

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Although i’m relatively new to the game, at this point my only fun is to create builds and test them against endgame. I think stashing is mandatory for this purpose in order to add cruci points and save you from some other chore (without breaking the game, of course). I wish there was an actual cruci mode (“test” toggle) where you have unlimited points but don’t get any reward. But i’m happy with what i have now thanks to modders and it’s pretty great that devs support mods so everyone could have their own fun.

This is a good point! Since the amount of loot per hour from high SR should be about equal to that from high Crucible, the former is likely the better farming spot for beginners, now.

But Crucible 170 is still agreat way to farm stuff, too, imo. There are plenty of both very strong & very resilient builds out there which are totally capable of clearing 170 with a 99% success rate (skill/cruci experience is still a bit of a factor in this equation, though, I guess).

I don’t think this is entirely true. Due to the randomness of loot drops and the new FG option to complete sets via crafting you can always complete one specific build now before actually having everything else you might need for future builds (not to mention the possibility of dropping some godly MIs in cruci/SR).

Sure, 170 might be tougher now than in AoM, but it definitely worked for me. I got like ~90% of my stash collection from 170 runs pre FG (legit ones, btw. I do admit that I started using GDStash at a later point, though, because testing stuff turned out to be quite a lot of fun…)

Is this something a lot of players are interested in? I’ve been poking around the prospects of modding crucible and such a no loot challenge mode (to say nothing of sadistic difficulty boosts like adding slathsarr, gargabol and co.) looks feasible.

Well, the amount of loot is about equal, but SR loot differs from Crucible one. SR provides more legendaries, while Crucible provides more MI’s (from my personal experience).

Really? I’ve never actually counted the stuff, but the MI/Legendary ratio I see on SR 76 looks kind of similar to that of cruci 170 in my eyes…

I’m comparing to 130-150. 150-170 is too hard to farm to any but best of the best builds with great gear.

I’m pretty sure there are a few decent easy-to-gear 170 farmers out there, e.g. in malawiglenn’s collection of beginner builds
Though I have to admit that the the only one I tried myself recently was this budget vitality leechtank from one of my own guides (it did 2 runs of 170 in under 20mins with 4 buffs/no banners very easily without ever coming close to death; all I did was try not to get too surrounded on boss waves & keep the enemies on my sigils to keep leeching).

Well, yes, perhaps those few exist, but vast majority of builds is incapable of doing so, unless brought to BiS condition. I’ve made several strong and tanky builds, yet none was capable of farming 151-170 without having great gear (all required uniques, at least).

Yeah, taking the jump from campaign to ‘endgame’-farming is always the hardest part of the journey…

Farmable Legendaries like Krieg’s/Dark One’s/Vanquisher’s, as well as some strong affix-independent MIs are really the only alternative to lengthy roguelike-farming here, I guess