Do pseudopets take damage

So i’m currently levelling a cold infiltrator as i think it’s a class that doesn’t depend on high-tier gear to be efficient (obviously high tier gear will make it better). Looking at my relics i found that the only cold nightblade relic i can craft is Nemesis
Given the description i thought it would be a pseudo-pet like my Blade Spirits or a Shaman’s totem so i figured it would work with my toon even thought it doesn’t have any pet bonuses.

I was quite surprised to see Nemesis shows as a pet and you can change it’s behaviour. I set it to aggressive as i thought pseudopets don’t take damage, especially since they don’t have a health value (unlike the GT link above, the in-game tooltip doesn’t show any health value for Nemesis) and i never lost any of my 2 Blade Spirits despite them being weak 1-pointer devotion proccers. Indeed, i never saw Nemesis take any damage even when it’s portrait was flashing red, that is until Malmouth sewers :eek:

In the Sewers area i noticed Nemesis wasn’t present and i thought i had accidentally dismissed it but then i noticed it was actually taking damage, often dropping to an almost empty health bar, even thought it would then quickly get back to full unlike regular pets that take time to heal and in one occasion it died during a combat.

Are pseudopets supposed to take damage? Do we have ways of improving their survivability? Am i stuck with a useless pseudopet that will die every fight on Ultimate (currently lvl82 on Elite) since i can’t upgrade that skill?

Another person literally posted a bug report about pets dying. Nemesis is not a pseudo pet, but a pet.

“Nemesis scales with player damage bonuses.”

But health from +%pet health?

Nemesis is player scaled. But they die just the same to that bug or whatever it is

Those pets, from what Zantai said few months back, scale with the player’s damage and have 90% all resists (don’t remember if physical too), and I only assume that they have a fixed amount of HP. I somehow remember it being 100k, but I don’t know if it was confirmed by The High Council (Crate). They do not scale with pet bonuses at all.

Yeah, I know. I think I should’ve said it there too.

The pet HP (Nemesis) seems to be ((charLevel*28)^1.3)+50 and those are the resistances:

Still don’t know how does Nemesis and other pets like Nemesis die instantly.

Sorry, didn’t look into bug reports as i didn’t know whether or not it was a bug (i thought i had just misunderstood some mechanisms).

I moved past the sewers and it dies a lot less in the surface. Might be related to those Regurgitators as in the bug thread (there’s a lot down there). Thanks for the detailed data USER_NAME_01. With my level it should have 23000+HP and better resists than i have so i should be long dead before it falls :undecided:

I had the issue at level 100 too. And it doesn’t matter where I am, it seemed to die most in the areas in second act, the least in Malmouth.

Interesting. I didn’t have Nemesis yet in act 2 but i might go back there to check whether it’s related to some specific mobs. In Malmouth it definitely seem to happen around Regurgitators and last time i encountered a group with one of those i targetted it with Shadow Strike so i probably should have taken then aggro but soon after the fight began Nemesis health dropped to a tiny amount even thought i’m almost sure the Regurgitator didn’t attack it directly so probably related to it’s aura.
It’s definitely not related to every BUA (Big Ugly Aethereal) as bileeaters don’t seem to affect it.

Nemesis doesn’t die outright for me in elite, his health drops to almost nothing and can stay there the entire fight then quickly heal back to max, or he might die at some point.

Do you remember whether it happened in some specific area of act 2?

Also, pardon my ignorance but i thought player scaled pets = pseudopets. What’s the difference? :o

Pseudo pets are pets that are skills like Blade Spirit or Totems. They don’t appear on the “pet window” (top left of your screen) and are immune to any damage.

anything with %HP reduction will tear through Nemesis/Deathstalker/Nazaran like a hot knife through butter

Not really, as it’s just % CURRENT health. If you have 100 HP, and something reduces your HP by 50%, you lose 50 HP, if another source reduces your HP by 50%, you don’t lose 50, but 25 HP, then 12.5 and so on.

They will not die instantly after getting hit by 10 33% reduction skills. it’s actually ~98.43…% reduction to max HP. Issue is, there’s no way you’re gonna get that much %HP skills into your ass at once. The most I’ve gotten was I think 5 20% HP damages, so ~67.232 HP reduction.

I am pretty well aware of how %HP reduction works. just pointing out to people that %HP reduction is the one thing they are extremely susceptible to, and what do you know, Aetherial Regurgitators do that damage in some of their attacks.

just pointing out to people that if you do see these pets health bars tank badly and/or die soon after, thats generally the culprit

The issue is not about them dying fast, but instantly, so losing 100% HP at once. Don’t know if you used a pet like Nemesis, but you can make a character and check it. You’ll notice that this pet disappears from your fights at some point and never comes back.

Actually happened to me every fight during 5 mins, then I’ve exited the character and moved to another one. Not sure how many times, but I’ve been spamming it every time it went off cooldown, so maybe about 10 times in a row.

Would it be possible that those pets have (possibly by error) negative resistance to health reduction?
Also, in my case (elite), Nemesis didn’t die outright, it went from full health to almost dead and could stay like that for the rest of the fight, or die some time later (maybe when another health reduction hits). Maybe difficulty has an effect.

I think that’s a “nope”. :smiley: