Do skills bound to player scale pet get CDR from character?

Title. Thanks for the help!

This title is hard to understand. What do you mean? -% Skill cooldown reduction doesn’t affect pet skills if they scale off of pet bonusses.

Sorry for that. Let’s say I have Tsunami (1.2s CD) and 40% CDR, and the cd would be 0.72s. What if it is bound to Wind Devil or Blade Spirit? Is the cooldown 1.2s or 0.72s?

The cooldown will be still .72. Why would it go back to 1.2?

Devotions are player skills and will always be player skills. The only difference between pet and character usage is the start point of the projectile (if it is a projectile). It will always proc off the attacker. If your Devil Wind uses a particular projectile devotion (Tsunami in this case), the devotion will proc off the Wind.