Do soldiers need any points in physique?

Or would pure cunning be more beneficial? I am playing a melee soldier/demo.

I’m playing a 2h Battlemage, lots of focus on warrior. I just started Elite today and so far have put every single point into Physique and it’s been fine so far.

The only way I would put points into cunning is if I wanted to use 1h swords or guns.

You’ll need physique to wear heavy armor

Awesome. I plan on going 2 handed so this is good news :slight_smile: No need to restart haha

regardless of your classes and build… you are going to need a certain amount of physique reagardless to simply wear armor for your class…

However unless your playing full tank or elemental dmg… (which you might be since youre using demo). its better to get only as much physique as you need and the rest into your primary stat whether its cunning or int.

max armor physique requirement: 984
max jewelry spirit requirement: 313

Consider your devotions and skills (Bull devotion, and Veterancy or Inner Focus (arcanist) skills, for example), and make needed calculations if you are shooting for max gear variation.

Cunning helps with phys/bleed/trauma damage and OA, if you think build will have enough of them, then consider pumping points elsewhere. Oh, and it is also required for swords and ranged weapons. Max sword req. = 501 / Max pistol req. = 467, for example. 2-handed ranged have greater requirements, but I’ve still to do a char who’s using it, didn’t searched for max number.

Cool guide!