Do you all think Lightning Trickster is viable now or is Saboteur still the best for DW lightning?

First time I played Grim Dawn was with Lightning Trickster, unfortunately it did not work out due to the lack of gear and Trickster not having enough circuit breakers. The squishiness got too much and I couldn’t progress much in AOM ultimate

I switched to Saboteur and it went much better. In general it felt beefier, and blast shield was an amazing last defense.

However I always liked Savagery and Stormcallers pact as abilities, and the Shaman class in general seems like it has a cool lightning abilities. Do you all think with the new items Lightning Trickster will work or should I still stay with Saboteur?

DW lightning trickster was always viable to beat the game with

They are viable but don’t think there that good.Nightblade have wps,but not RR and Demo is just bad class.Saboteur in general is weak class and Trickster is better at cold.If you want more wps like nb you can choose Soldier,but I think best combo will be Vindicator.Conjurer also will perform adequate but they tend to be more squishy

I quickly slapped together a Vindicator:

Much of the gearing comes from sir spanksalot’s Elgoloth Vindicator, but the rest is original. Biggest area of improvement is physical resist, which is only 3%. I guess you could go for spanks’ devotion setup instead, modified for DW melee.

Here is Conjurer version with same items,but different devotions-more flat damage and 104% crit,ofc is more glassy than Vindicator

What all those builds above lack is flat damage. And Trickster has the same problem. FG adds a new epic set, I tried doing something with it in GT but results are mediocre at best. Only way to amass some kind of respectable amount of flat Lightning is to use two Sparks of Ultos. But then attack speed takes a dip. So really can’t see any way to make a viable melee DW-lightning Shaman.

As far as the LD set goes, one way to solve the flat damage problem is to go hybrid caster/DW melee, similar to Stormreaver + LD. Ofc it won’t be as good as Stormreaver + LD, but it should be more “viable,” whatever that means.

For pure DW melee, there’s also the exotic option of 2x Dawnbreaker’s Sledge plus 1-2 other Dawnbreaker pieces. But, if you’ve noticed, the OP’s name is BladeAiur991, not MaceAiur991. Zealots don’t use maces. :stuck_out_tongue:

Dawnbreaker maces seem like an interesting option, but they have no attack speed and I still can’t see how they are better than 2x Sparks of Ultos. But gotta make this gt draft again.

Best I could come up with.

Should be a fun Main Campaign build, wouldn’t make it far in Crucible or Shards.

empyrion’s mercy i + the haunted shoulders with cold->light are options for stacking flat lightning with tricksters. can get pretty good values, still has nothing on cold though.

mercy makes for some neat tri elemental auto attackers too :slight_smile: not the greatest of builds imo, but cool concept