Do you think Boss Specific Legendaries should be able to roll so poorly on conversion?

You finally did it, a hundred and change runs to get Worldeater. But it rolled below 40% conversion and you’re left holding what feels like a stick where both ends are dipped in poo.


Annoying. Not fun to get shitty rolls. I personally don’t like having much variability at ALL on gear rolls, but that’s just me

It was only 5% down from average. That also means it’s possible to get 5% higher than average.

Yep, I would agree on that. It’s almost impossible to ever get those items, but when you get it, conversion roll should be at least 45%. Stuff like Loghoreann shoulders should also roll at least one rare affix. I understand random rolls on items that drop in crucible, but campaign exclusives should get better innate rolls.

One of 2 things have to happen to have these requirements. Either 1) they make it so they never vary, and always have the same stats, or 2) the average stats on any given item would be better than they are now, and you’d still complain about having the low roll when they happen.