Do you think Crucible is too long?

I already thought 150 waves was to much, AoM brings it to 170 and with the next expansion it will probably be 200 waves.

What you think about it? Isnt it to much?

People wanted endless waves of mobs to fight and now its too long? It’s not a campaign.

Can’t you stop whenever you want?

You can start at 150

Im not included in that group.

But you get less loot right?

So it’s too long, but if you cut it short you get less loot?

What are you wanting? This seems counter intuitive to your OP. :undecided:

Nope. 150 and 170 are just as rewarding gear wise.

The idea is that if you go beyond 150 you already have all you need. 150+ purely a challenge area not farm area:)

If you mean starting from 150 gives you less loot, not at all. You get same as 100-150

I wanted peoples opinion about it, but looks like that kinda hard to get.

Good to know, I thought the more points you get the more loot you get. Even if my character is full geared my new toons still need things.

It’s just for showing off.

Only if you stop before 150 and especially if you die instead of stopping by choice will you get less loot

I’m guessing it’s more because your post gave the impression of complaining about the length far more and not just asking others views.

Score only affects one of the reward chests.

i was bought it just for support the crate, but it is boring and too long. actually i think again its boring because of its to long :smiley:

I think we should be able to access any wave if we have finished wave(170).

Crucible should be a place to prove your valor and give you a heart-beating experience different from the campaign where you are almost a demigod.

I think faction status should give you some more privilige to recognize you as the hero than just access to gears. ------Some people care more about honor and status after all.