Does Anasteria disappear after you've completed Outcast's Revenge?

Stupid question but today I thought that I should come see her to find out if she knows anything about the Aetherial Vanguard and can’t find her anywhere :confused:

She goes to Malmouth Sewers at the request of Creed and then stays in the Steelcap District.

Oohhh thanks, so much for rushing :cry:

I need to confirm if her quests are still doable when she moves to Malmouth?

I tried with another guy who hasn’t completed her questline and she still stayed at Fort Ikon.

She does not know much about the Aetherial Vanguard unfortunately, but she does inform you about a certain persons secret :wink:

I honestly don’t know. That’s actually what i’m gonna do with my Tactician currently in Ultimate, to see if her quests are still doable while she’s in the Steelcap District.

Edit: Confirmed she stays at Fort Ikon then.

Aaaaand it has no impact whatsoever…

May not have that much of an impact, but it shows that more and more Aetherials are rebelling.

I actually loved that we got to save Cultists (heathenish traitors :)) and Aetherial Possessed in this campaign
I mean sure we did spare Cronley’s men but that is nothing compared to this

I agree while Anasteria didn’t play much part this expansion some dialogues with her and the other possessed chick reveal the strongest aetherials in aetherhold are much stronger than the brains behind the invasion (not too surprising considering they’ve been around since the time of the primordials)

Concerned about missing dialogues though

Yeah i agree that a 100% increased rebellion rate is rather impressive.