Does any else not get warnings about houses?

Before the latest patch, if my memory is right, I would get a message before a Homestead collapsed, but now I get none. Any one else have this problem, I assuming I missed the message but…?

I’m new to the game but I’m wondering how to repair buildings. Some of my lvl1 housing is ready to upgrade but at 99% can’t.

Currently upgrading houses is not directly controllable. There’s a button in the upper right corner of the UI (next to the gear ‘main menu’ button) to toggle between automatic upgrades and no upgrades. If it’s turned on, builders will upgrade them on their own when they have time. It’s the same with repairs, they happen automagically when builders have time.

Repair is done automatically when the builders have time. Before the last patch you had to move the building, you could use the same spot, to repair the building.

I’ve lost Manors that way! Nothing pops up, until suddenly I get a message of “building abandoned.” A thorough bummer!

Have you guys checked if the notifications for that are still turned on in the settings?

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That’s something I’ve noticed myself doing a few times, wondering why i never got notification, then I remember that mass switching off i did…

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Even worse the building that gives you your income (markets and upgrades) not only have the same problem but seem to have picked out for special treatment, I had three of them go abandoned simultaneously.