Does anyone else suffer from compulsive new character syndrome?

Hi my name is robby and I have compulsive new character syndrome. Whenever I reach level ~50 I get the urge to try a different build and I start a new character. I have nearly 400 hours on steam but I don’t have a single character past level 70 because of this. I also have attribute anxiety syndrome which is hoarding my attributes points because I worry I will misallocate one and ruin my character.

Hi, I’m Petri and I also have compulsive new character syndrome

Yep. Not so bad with GD as I only have one of each class, but have only gotten 2 toons into Elite so far - most are still in Acts 1 and 2 Normal.

Extremely bad at this when playing TQIT and TQAE. I’ve done a couple of purges over the years because I end up with so many toons most never got played.

I never hoard attribute or skills points.

Hi, I’m Jak and I also have compulsive new character syndrome

Though I normally only get to around 20 ish before the “I wonder how xyz would work” gets too strong and another new char appears :wink:

Let’s open a club.

Happened for the first 100 or so hours i played. Took me way too long before i reached max level with a character :p.

My compulsive cycle is : Fresh build idea, bring it to 75, gear it , farm some roguelikes. Then i start with a new build…

that sounds rather healthy:p:D you don’t belong here^^

Well in 1.6k hrs i’ve run a couple of builds…

Count me in too. :smiley:

I too suffer from this debilitating disorder. With just under 400 hrs played on steam, I have 5 characters ranging in levels from 31 to 53.

It’s so bad that I have even created my characters in the default start screen (not activated) which are to be my inquisitor & necromancer for when the expansion comes out. Luckily I only have 1 of each and not several for more than one mastery combination.

I’m even worse… when I’m not enjoying certain class/char anymore, I just delete it, even the stash and start a new one.

I have 1300 hours on steam and 1 char level 39 right now :rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes:

Starting fresh is more fun than endgame

Yes! I have about 20 characters right now and only a few past Veteran. Slowly but surely though you will run out of ‘cool’ ideas and just start leveling. I’m at that point and switch between characters each session to simultaneously level them. Game gets pretty complex later on in terms of balancing everything so it’s easy/fun to revert to ‘simpler’ times of Veteran/Elite.

I start a new character, get it to level 85, kill a Nemesis or two in Ultimate to see how it performs in single target damage. Then repeat.

I did fully beat the game with my Warder but most of them just reach Homestead/Blood Grove in Ultimate and stop.

I generally take my sweet time planning a character, digging through my gear collection to find the perfect setup and running through at least two or three versions of skill and devotion setups. Then when I get everything equiped at 75 I usually lose interest and start another one. I have several characters that sit fully equiped at levels 75 - 80 halfway through ultimate, actually finishing them is the hardest part. Still haven’t finished a DEE build (with full Dreeg set and such) that I think I started over a year ago.

The journey is all the fun for me, the destination doesn’t matter much.

Hi. I’m powbam and I have 7500+ hours, never been to Ultimate, will delete a character I’ve dropped tens of hours into without a second thought, for whatever reason, without advance warning.

Now what are the perks of joining this club? At the minimum I expect free coffee/donuts. A hypnotist/psychiatrist, and a comfy couch would also be considered fun “novelty” items/activities to have.

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Yep that’s me too. I have 16 characters between L50 and 57 and only 2 at 75. Then another 10 ranging between 8 and 40.

That’s half the joy of GD, ideas :slight_smile:

But I am now determined to get my L75’s to 85, it’s just slow going…

Hi, I’m draug, and I’m an altaholic. I had around 100 characters ranging from b9 to 1.0.9… Until a recent hard drive crash, that is. Now I only have 4.

ouch. gotta use that cloud saving!