Does anyone have the build compendium for Titan Quest?

It was done by Irma2 and others I believe. I remember I built a Bow Haruaoex from that build and nothing stood in my way. The old Titan forums don’t exist anymore and I know there are Titan Quest vets here, just wondering if someone saved the builds.

Yes, it was saved, thank goodness. You can find them here:

Lots of other useful info for both the IT and AE versions of the games there too. And a new TQ forum has been formed: so if you feel like joining us there you’ll be very welcome.

Thank you. Sorry, but where do I find the AE info? I’m actually gonna be playing the PS4 version of Titan quest when it comes out March 20, so I’m hoping the bow haruspex build still works. Again, thank you.

The compendium was made for TQIT so some of the builds may not work with AE. It’s not been updated for the new version.