Does anyone know how to give a summon "boss music"?

I filled in the parameter “monster music” in my summon’s dbr file with my own music parameter dbr file pointing to an ogg music file that is now in the source folder of my mod. However, in game, after i summon the creature, no music plays. I tried to debug by pointing to warden’s 2 boss music dbr (unmodified), hoping to see warden’s boss music playing, but it also didn’t play. What am i missing? Has anyone been able to give summons music?

Look in here: [TUTORIAL] How to Add Custom Music to Boss Fight

TLDR: The map has to have a sound layer added to it for music to play. It wiil probably play if you summon it in an area with such a layer - like a boss area

i see, looks like a weird way to have to activate boss music, just makes it unecessarily more complex. A bummer