Does anyone use Fevered Rage?

It seems to me that Fevered Rage (affects Occultists’ Bloody Pox) will get you killed if you don’t kite, and it makes the monsters faster, subsequently making it harder to kite.

Is there any build that even uses Fevered Rage?
If there is, is there any build that revolves around it?

Also, side questions/newbie questions about the ability:

  1. Does the “Total Damage modified by 25%” apply to the ability’s damage or the monster’s damage?
  2. Fevered Rage says “13%-19% Reduction to Enemy’s Health”, is that the final value for the ability or is that added on to Bloody Pox’s Reduction damage?
  3. Does the +50% Offensive ability (and -25% Defensive Ability) apply before or after any flat reduction?

there is 1 acid retaliton set, i dont remember name now. it might work awesome with it. i guess you only fit fevered rage on retaliation builds , dont think other builds can handle massive buffs to mobs.i highly doubt even retaliation tanks would use it most of time too

also fevered rage is changing at 1.08 patch, %50 offensive buff is going down to %25not sure… bpox itself getting some buffs aswell, lets wait and see

Perdition set, yeah I have 2 pieces of that.
I’m the type of guy to come of with crazy builds no matter what game I’m playing, I was just wondering if anyone had made a build that uses it yet.
And good thing it’s getting a buff, didn’t monsters recently get their damage reduced and offensive ability increased anyway? Hopefully the buff will compensate for that.

Still, I think the most important thing I’d like to know is if a “-X Offensive Ability” would apply before or after that “+Y% Offensive Ability” thing. Before would be strong, after would be weak.

not sure about your last question, its kinda answer only a guy who played that build can answer, or any devs. i understand your point about order thowhich kicks in first then i get max benefit

well there are some good retaliation guides in forum, since i would never play those kind of builds or any pet builds dont know. but its so obvious, synergy is there, items are there, devotions are there, and even i found tons of crazy dmg reflect, retalation rares while farming in GD. i am pretty sure both acid and normal retaliation builds will work perfectly in GD i can %100 guarantee you that. tho they might be in little on the boring side.
and i assume they will be good crucible chars aswell due to nature of crucible.

I checked the Build Compendium V and there were only 2 builds that listed Bloody Pox as an active skill. One of them didn’t actually use it (got updated probably) and the other skipped over Fevered Rage and just got Bloody Pox to proc Slithtongue’s ability and the Manticore devotion.

I’m determined to make a build around this ability now :cool:

good to hear :wink:

but keep in mind that bpox seriously super useless in 1.07 now, you may wait to see actuall performance after 1.08 patch…

good luck mate, enjoy your build :wink:

I tried this, and had quite a bit of fun with it:

The skill is just hilarious, I swapped a couple things from what was recommended (grabbed dying god and possession) and managed to finish with only 1 or two combat deaths clearing the whole campaign by using pox on everything.
On a side note, I will need to do something about the poison resist from the chest piece being removed next patch, mmh…

I have a supposedly weird sword’n’board Witch Hunter build, which uses Fevered Rage. I wanted to focus on cold and vitality damage, but some chaos and poison slipped in, too.

You don’t need to kite.
At least my vit. conjurer (NOT vit. caster) can stand on the spot, kite nemesis only, and that is not all.

It would be nice if at least the amount of total speed and offensive ability were reduced by the same % as the targets resistance to the %health reduction effect.

At this point it’s kind of sadistic to use this in multiplayer, unless your a group of all retaliation builds… …

Im going to try a bloody pox build again after this upcoming patch, but it’s pretty unlikely it would include Fevered Rage at this point.

Just in case anyone was wondering, the build I came up with focuses on Bleed and Poison damage.

Bloody Pox (with Fevered Rage) and Blade Trap to reduce their DA by 60%, Curse of Frailty to reduce Bleed and Poison resists (and counter the speed buff some), and Nidalla’s Justifiable Ends (1 point in Shadow Strike) to crit the face off of anything that lives. Which isn’t a lot.

The only real downside is that anything immune to being ensnared doesn’t take damage (or get DA reduced) from Blade Trap.

Started the char and got her to level 23 yesterday, currently it’s hilarious to put the Falcon proc on Bloody Pox (eventually I’m planning on switching it to Blade Trap and using Bloody Pox for Huntress proc).

Forgot to mention, I’m also using Akeron’s Scorpion and Curse of Frailty for some flat DA reduction because why not.

I tried doing a Retaliation Pox build. Problem is there are a large number of ranged-only heroes and bosses who have resist packages that includes near or total immunity to both bleed effects and life reduction effects. This means you need some other source of damage to take down people like Rhovena or you’re stuck there swinging a basic attack for five minutes.

I think Rend (Huntress) would be better assigned to Shadow Strike - assuming you activate Nightfall, so that you have multiple trigger chances. Bloody Pox has a duration and Rend can proc every second during this time. But Rend has an AoE and a duration, so that you would only refresh the effect on the same enemies.

Pox and falcons has a perfect synergy

@einsprinzessin Is the Fevered Rage buff too overwhelming in your opinion? Do you only use it to clear trash or are you comfortable using it on bosses as well?

I tried it on all bosses. Sometimes it felt too threatening, so that I relied on my other skills. Or I kited and took them down only with Bloody Pox / Fevered Rage. I prioritize DA, so that I even out the enraged enemies.

I have a build that uses it I wrote it up but put it on the wrong section.

Now a level 83 just before Fort Ikon, still wrecks everything in seconds. The only down fall is bosses and some purple enemies take forever to kill. Lots of running in circles. Looking forward to seeing if I can clear Steps of torment with it and if killing the Sentinal is doable but not till I hit 85 as the death toll will rise.

Currently using fevered rage with my pox/swarm build. Using sigil for extra health leach helps me tank if needed while spamming swarm. Most things die at my feet as it runs at me. It def makes the game interesting that’s for sure. Regretting not spending more stat points on physique.

There’s also a problem with CoF and Fevered Rage. I’ve noticed mobs move faster then if I just use FR. Hence why I went for the sigil method.

I Started a Bloody pox Fevered rage retaliation build after a “simple” retaliation one.

Melee enemies come faster impale themself on our armor.
Ranged are killed by bleeding.

In any way, a good retaliation build should also have reflect damage into, with Targo shield devotion by example.

And the most important thing with fevered rage is to never take it without Wasting maxed. With the new values the OA reduction compensate the OA boost so with +1 the rage is no more a buff for enemies OA (source = my calculations)
It can avoid you some painfull deaths (enraged mad queen is a painfull, but quick death)

My first character was a Shaman/Occultist but aside the Empowered Perdition set, there is a big hole in legendary items and it’s almost impossible to cap the resists without ultra custom green items.

The second one is a Soldier/Occultist

And the resistance and tanking is a joke with soldier items…

One funny thing with fevered Rage is, when an ranged enemy can hit you with melee weapon, fevered rage seems to incite them to go melee.

For other bleed resistant caster, using some proc devotion or items is a good way to dispatch them, like reactive doom bolt (on attack)