Does Bolvar has extreme Lightning resist?

I am playing gunsligner vindicator. Here is build
I got to Ultimate, Blood Groove and meet Bolvar there, I had been beating him for 4-5 minutes and not sure why did this happen. Is something wrong with my build or Bolvar has hidden elemental resist?

no he doesnt have particular high res but these units get spawned with different items so he might have high resist at some point just relog try again. If it persists it might be the lifesteal thingy he does. I suggest you take either elemental storm or raise the dead for some more point rr anyways. He just has a lot of hp and if he steals some life back then that doesnt help is what im thinking.

This happens sometimes where the Human Heroes/Bosses can spawn with huge resistances from equipment and they take forever to kill. Just unlucky, but when they die, you’ll see that it’s the items giving them their resilience.

Actually I switched from elemental storm to widow to have more straight forward lightning resist. As for the raise of dead, I think it will not stack with Hand of Ultos

I knew that human enemies can spawn with some very specific weapon, but I didnt figure out that it counts for armor or rings too, thanks for advice. I need to try to beat him again

elemental storm, widow and hand of ultos all stack with each other. raise the dead conflicts with elemental storm not hand of ultos

i know its not what you want but its basically what you have to do endgame: get all the rr you can get

edit: if i made this game i would prob add some rr to some less picked devotions so that you can get the same sum of rr with just different combinations. But unfortunately there isn’t that much variety when it comes to getting rr unless you can get it from gear/skills then you can make a different devotion choice too

Yea, I know. In fact I have tried to kill Bolvar again. Second time he went down much faster

Unfortunately with human enemies people have reported dealing <1000 damages even with endgame build because has spawned with a huge resistance gear :disappointed_relieved: