Does damage conversion on Default Attack Skills extend to triggered WPS?

For example, when you equip Mythical Voidsteel Gauntlets, it converts all physical damage from Cadence into Chaos damage.

So if your Cadence triggers a WPS, would all physical damage (WD and flat damage bonus) be converted to Chaos as well?

Flat damage>Cadence damage boosts>Cadence Transmuters>WPS>Item transmuters>Item damage boosts is how it should happened afaik.
Edit: now this isn’t how it actually happens with cadence as it cannot proc wps on the third hit as it counts as a spell, but this is how it’d work with any other default attack replacer.

Yeah but the item transmuter applies on the Cadence, not the wps.

Well, we can ignore the 3rd hit because it doesn’t trigger WPS, but what about the other 2 hits? If my first hit of Cadence triggers a WPS, would all the WPS’s damage be converted?

Why on earth did you have to use the one exception as the example? For Cadence transmuters the transmuter only applies on the third hit. This is for all mods, be it discord, voidsteel, stormheart, etc. Your WPS won’t be converted because it never happens on the cadence hit.

For Savagery and FS, it’s all converted.

In this particular case, damage is not converted, as Voidsteel Gauntlets converts physical damage to chaos only for Cadence. If, however, we were to an item that converts a damage type into another in general, and not just the damage of a particular skill, then yes, the WPS damage will also be converted. And, as X1x1 said, whatever skill conversion may happen to Cadence, it’s only on the 3’rd hit

Wow, I seriously didn’t know that. I used to have the misconception that for Cadence, the 1st and 2nd hits are also part of Cadence, and their damage will be affected by Cadence transmutors. That’s why I ask this question.

This question popped up in the Chinese forum and one forum moderator said that 1st and 2nd hits of Cadence won’t convert with Cadence transmuter, and then another experienced player said he was wrong, and I got curious.

Nope. Anything to do with Cadence with only happen on Cadence. The first two hits are just basic attacks.