Does Exlosive strike hit only in AoE or main target too?

Subj, some ppl clain that explosive strike don`t work with main target with melee weapon. 0_0

It should be hitting all targets in the aoe

This might be the reason why. It adds a modifier to FS that hits 3 additional targets in a 60 degree angle. I always thought the same, that Explosive strike applies only to ranged weapons till ASYLUM told us differently. I never also saw it hitting additional targets, maybe because I used too many other skills on my melee purifier.

I’m pretty sure the aoe works on melee as well, it’s pretty easy to test if you know how to use the modding tools. I’m at work so…

Afaik, the only FS AoE that doesn’t work with melee is Brimstone.

(the AoE element of Brimstone doesn’t, but the flat element does stack with melee)

I haven’t specifically noted on a dummy, but iirc ES is a a pretty common priority skill used for fast-leveling (at the expense of the base FS), so it likely would have been noticed if ES wasn’t doing anything to the primary target.

Nope, I`m asking if ES apply to main target. I know that AoE work.

Yes fragments only work with projectile skills and attacks

Ofc ES applies to main target. Reason why extra targets don’t work with Barthollem’s Warmaul is cause ES a separated skill, which never affected by item skill modifiers.
It’s real easy to test with dummy and burn from ES.