Does life steal from devotions affect spells like Drain Essence?


I’m talking about lifesteal from devotions like Revenant, Bat and Toad.

Nope because it has no weapon damage. A skill needs weapon damage to use life steal like those.

A good example of this issue with life steal for casters:

An arcanist using PRM gets no life steal, but if he uses a callidors tempest every now and then he gets a bunch b/c CT has weapon damage.

That Mythical Spellsage helm adds 18% weapon damage and 6% built in ADCTH to PRM. Something at least.

If you had 20% ADCTH you need a skill with at least 100% weapon damage to get all of it. If you have 50% weapon dmg on the skill you’ll lifetap 10% instead of 20% etc