Does Log still deal increased damage vs Pets?

I was playing a Pet build tonight and went to fight the Loghorrean on Ultimate. The Briarthorns died incredibly fast at the beginning and I didn’t notice until the fight was over. I don’t understand how they died so quickly when all resistances are maxed at 80%. Bizarrely, the spiders didn’t die from the attacks, despite being much weaker Pets with lower health. On the Monster Database on Grim Tools, it lists the extra damage vs magical and eldritch, but I thought those were removed? Am I missing something here?

Looks like First Briarthorn eats the big acid shotgun (Phys/Acid/Chaos dmg to be precise) and then stands in the pool.
2nd seems to die to the void pool (Chaos/Vitality/Health Reduction).

Idk what those spiders are. Are they like the webweavers from Ghol’s gloves?
The webweavers are listed as being 100% resistant to all damage types on GT, so they wouldn’t die to that.

I’ve had the impression that ground effects deal an extremely generous amount of dmg to pets.
Maybe that’s just because pets are braindead and stand in it longer, but it just seems to melt them.
Kinda had to stack a bit regen to counter that, and even then…

curious, was he supposed not to deal increased dmg to pet?
thought it was just celestials that got it removed? :thinking:

I thought it had been removed from all bosses, but it’s not the case. But I also think this wasn’t the reason why they died so quickly. The Loghorrean has a mind control effect on some of its attacks and I don’t have any protection against it in this build. So, I believe what happened was: they got hit with the projectiles that deals increased damage and the mind control was applied. They temporarily became enemies and my other effects contributed to the damage they took and that was the reason they took so much damage so quickly.

Celestials still deal increased damage to pets, what changed was that pets now deal full damage to celestials instead of reduced damage vs celestials like before.

Nemesis bosses all deal more damage to pets and receive less damage from them.

Regarding story bosses, only loggy seems to be the exception :thinking:
Korvaak and Theo don’t seem to have it

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