Does Malmouth last add-on for GD?

Hello, will there be more add-ons for Grim Dawn after AoM?

The only statement so far is ‘if it sells enough copies / there is enough interest’. Sales seem to be good so far though, so hopefully that means there will be a second expansion.

Okay then, I ask because I’d prefer to play complete games…

Depends on what you call complete. Zantai said in the stream the other day that there’s no “end” as such to the storyline at the moment. Other obstacles are the old gaming engine so another expansion or possibly GD2 would need a lot of work to keep it viable or they’d need a new gaming engine and a lot of work to rewrite everything. It’s not ruled out, but it may be a few years before we see anything like another expansion.

That said, there are GD related games in Crate’s pipeline as well as a completely new project. Medierra quotes:

"We also have some ideas for GD related games that are set in that universe and will share some mechanics but are not quite ARPGs.

You’ll also be hearing about at least one totally new project in the next year though."

“We also are planning another “spin-off” game that is based on GD but a somewhat different kind of game.”

The totally new non-GD project we’re working on uses Unity."

well, I would not hold my breath for a second expansion which may or may not come.

If you like ARPGs and have not played GD yet, it is about damn time :smiley:

Did the devs abandon Grim Dawn?


The biggest obstacle for a second expansion will be Old Grove. They said the camera angle is making things difficult for them.

Not in the least. As well as the new game using some of the GD elements, there’s the Crucible to be updated and they’ve said they expect to contine adding more content/tweaking in the future. Major things like the expansion or a GD2 are still possible, but not in any way confirmed. Will depend on sales of GD/Ashes and the new projects plus how Crate itself develops over the next few years.


He was only kidding

Yes I think it is… Next time it will be Grim Dawn 2 and I really hope they would bring us some sea dungeon (sky is better but its extremely unlikely considering the limited production fund Crate has…) so I can go and slay a kraken or leviathan or sth like that. Surely slaying demons and zombies is fun but we can really use some epic monsters. Hopefully they will give us dragons and giants soon :rolleyes::rolleyes:

Which is insanely bizarre and silly thing to say. You can have a variety of solutions to this, besides telling the players the obvious things about the camera thing. It’s like they consider players not smart enough to figure it out themselves.

I think Zantai once said that there are plenty of dragons in grim dawn but they’re all dead and their skeletons lie in the Jagged waste

Not really, you’d be surprised at the amount of complaints they’ll recieve

Hence, my first part of the post about solutions. For example, automatic rotation once you enter, perhaps? Either way, I really hope they will let us explore the area for the second expansion (pretty sure it will come), it’s quite big and can have anough content for at least two more chapters.