Does Oath Keeper have a too limited design space due to Celestial Presence?

This is not true.

I’m no modder but my understanding is that the only skills that can have -x% resist reduction within the engine seem to be debuff abilities, often ones with an explicit duration to them like Curse of Frailty or Word of Renewal, though many are also indefinite auras like Thermite Mine, Veil of Shadow, Aura of Censure and Celestial Presence.

The skills you listed do not fall into this category as they classify as attacks, not debuffs. Even ones with a duration like Volcanic Stride or Heart of Wrath are iffy/not likely as I believe they count as secondary damage effects to Vire’s Might/Judgment that activate when they do.

That’s… so weird, lol.

Oathkeeper is an “always max me to 50” mastery (unless you play e.g. aether/chaos EoR) because of CP. That is a little lame tbh, but what can be done about it? Only way to change this would be to change CP to be a mastery lvl 40 ability and the transmuter lvl 50 instead. This way phys/fire/bleed RR would be available at 40 and vit/acid RR, which at least would make things a little more interesting (kinda like Demo has elemental RR at 32 and chaos/aether RR at 50), but also make phys/fire/bleed OK builds potentially a bit stronger, which I’m not sure is needed.

Just wanted to chime in my personal thought on this matter, which I believe its semi-related with the topic at hand.

The only reason I dislike the RR in CP, it’s because it basically forces me to play with a pet build, and I HATE using pets in any shape or form in games like this, which is why I started disliking playing the Oathkeeper in the last few months…

It’s a shame, though, because the Oathkeeper was the mastery I wanted to play the most.

These guys imo barely count as pets (they scale with player damage). I’ve never once used “Pet Attack” on the the guardians.

You just summon them and let their aura do the rest. They’re literally a cast once and profit skill. You’re definitely alone on this

They are player scaled pets, no major difference from RR by Shaman’s Wind Devils or Blade Spirits.

Well, I can understand it. I had to change my playing habits when I used Blade Spirits the first time.
When you want to focus something (and play a DoT Build like me) you often have to use “Pet Attack” to get them where you want them to be and not scattered.

I don’t like having any sort of pets on my character at all… this is not about having to assign commands on pets or anything of the sort. It’s more of personal preference.

And I couldn’t care any less.