Does shattering smash apply debuff to initial target?

The physical resist debuff… I assume it does apply, but I’m not exactly positive of how the proc works.

In my build I have shattering smash almost maxed, so I figured there was no reason to put more than 1 point into Warcry - Break Morale, since as far as I am aware, they would not stack. Warcry is a bit more of a debuff… but since I wanted to have shattering smash up it seems like a waste of points.

Anyway, I assume people here know of the mechanics. Thanks

My Internal Trauma build idea is working way better than I expected, just missing the Reforged chains belt that just won’t seem to drop! haha. I’ll probably post it up at some point and have people help me refine it. As of now I am just easily clearing through SR 55’s trying to get this damn belt to drop…

Yes, Shattering Smash will apply its resistance debuff to the main target of the attack.

Thanks, is the area damage a large cone effect behind the initial target or something?

I’m not sure why I am having a hard time seeing it, but I assume it’s because I am having to play with my graphics low on everything. Feels bad after watching some youtube videos clearly on highest everything, lol. Bout time to build a new PC finally I suppose.

Yes, it’s a ‘wave-like’ effect on the proc.

This type of RR will display a broken shield icon above enemies affected. Some other debuffs will display it too, though.

Isn’t this kinda meh? I mean it being a wave… in most situations I’m surrounded, or mobs zerging you in a 180 degree angle. Though not sure if even whirling death is better as the radius seems rather small. I used to think whirling death would “solve” aoe in melee for nightblades but not really.

I haven’t played late endgame content. But from what little I’ve seen from it people appear to be surrounded a lot.

I just want to ask question related to the topic but bot exactly the same.

If shattering smash hits the target on the first time then the flat phys rr is calculated to the first hit or just next ones during duration? It might be not the most important as it will be anyhow important for trash… But I still would like to know how it works