Does Storm Spirit affect pets?

Looking at Grimtools, it does not but the description explicitly states “allies”. Do pets receive the Elemental Resistance and Flat Dmg benefits of Storm Spirit? Trying to max out Skellies elemental resistance so curious if this applies.


Should do, same as Hellhound’s Hellfire.

Ok, cool. Looks like Grimtools is incorrect then.

Not really, pets are allies too.

No, Grimtools has Storm Spirit NOT affecting Pets Elemental Resistance. As you just said, it SHOULD be giving pets +30% elemental resistance.

It’s an aura, so even if it’s toggled to be ‘active’, it wont show on the pet’s tool-tip either in-game or in Grimtools. Even passives like Bysmiel don’t show on tooltips. Gonna have to do that math in yer head.