Does the bleed damage from bloody pox scale with spirit?

Also, does dreeg’s eye count as a minion? benefiting from minion damage

Bleeding damage scales with Cunning as mentioned in the Game Guide here:


Improves your combat technique, which affects your effectiveness with weapons and physical-based attacks. Every point of Cunning increases your physical and pierce damage by 0.41%, bleed and internal trauma damage by 0.46% and Offensive Ability by 0.4, which affects your ability to hit and critically hit your enemies. Higher Cunning also allows you to meet the attribute requirements of one-handed swords and all guns.

Your totals for these can also be seen in-game by hovering your mouse over your Cunning attribute in the character window.

Dreeg’s Evil Eye is not/does not count as a pet so does not benefit from pet bonuses.

You can test the bleed damage by looking at your 2nd char sheet.

Dreegs eye is a spell not a minion. It benefits from %poison and acid