Does the devotion Aetherfire actually stack with itself?

Thinking of putting it on AAR for maximum damage, but dont know if it stacks or not.

It stacks, but damage bonus still isnt that impressive. I’ve tried it on aether DE.

Aetherfire stack and its best used with
1)Canister bomb.
2)Wind devils
4)Ravenous earth.

With aetherfire bound to AAR you will only proc it once per second average - its barely noticeable.

Not when you are hitting multiple mobs though as it has no cooldown.

I can confirm, aetherfire bound to AAR is pretty bad.

AAR is too valuable to waste on a t1 like aetherfire. It is a niche devotion overall given how annoying it is to proc it frequently, the damage is really not that good relative to other devotions, especially without conversion. Typically you want both a good proc skill and conversion otherwise don’t take it.