Does the Nightblade's ABB skill on cooldown activate WPS?

I have a spellbreaker with ABB in the LMB of my mouse so that every three seconds i will be able to activate it. Even if its in cooldown, I am still able to attack enemies but it looks like its only a default weapon attack.

Can this default weapon attack activate skills such as Belgothian’s Shears or Execution?

You attack as normal. You won’t proc anything while you hit with ABB, but if it’s on cooldown, you don’t use the skill anymore, resulting in proccing other stuff like B. Shears or other weapon procs.

While ABB is on cool down, you do default attacks. Default attacks are what is required for WPS’s to proc.

Does that mean your ABB attack can’t proc belgo etc (just like cadence)?

That’s correct. ABB cannot proc any WPS. It is not a default weapon attack. There are a few skills that are considered default weapon attacks, like Cadence, Fire strike, and Savagery. There is also a few items which give players a default weapon attack. They all mention it in their description.

ABB as your LMB attack is nice because you can just hold down the button instead of having to refresh Lethal Assault every few seconds which is a PITA.

The downside is that you lose out on the extra weapon damage a default attack replacer gives you which you really want for a top DPS attack build like that, so for that reason it’s worthwhile to get a replacer even if it’s somewhat clunky.

While ABB is on cooldown you’ll be doing default autoattacks, which will proc WPS.

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