Doesn’t Dual-Wielding Stack?

As the title suggests, I was wandering if dual-wielding ability stacks? I only recently started playing the game and chose a gunslinger sorcerer build. I have a gunslingers jacket and a marauders belt and talisman by now and was wandering if stacking two (or even more) of these items makes sense? Does the percentage of dual-wield activation stack?

Any help is much appreciated!

no they don’t

What do you mean by “percentage of dual-wield activation stack?”. So long as you have one of the items you equipped, you can always dual-wield ranged weapons. If you mean the skills attached to them that have a chance of activating when you use your weapon attack, then those do sort of stack.

It sounds like you are asking if the Weapon Proc Skills stack?

Yes, those do stack in that you can use multiple to have a larger pool to choose from during an attack cycle.

Malawiglenn’s Guide on game mechanics
The above is a good fairly well written guide and the creator of which should have linked to it… as it partially covers this in the attack replacers section.

Turbo-charge your auto-attacks with default attack replacers and WPS
This one will cover exactly how WPS attacks work.