Don't understand

When I look at builds, the already completed Devotion trees are there, but they are usually in such a way where I just can’t understand how the guide’s author got to those particular nodes.

For example, I saw one where they had a lot of the large affinity req outer constellations, but the numbers just don’t jive. Yea I get it, I need the matching affinity, but to get there and to get the wide variety of constellations just doesn’t make sense, because when I try to figure out a way to get across the devotion map, there’s not enough points, or I can’t obtain enough affinity to get them all (assume I have all 50 pts).

So what am I missing?

Sometimes, most of the time actually, to get a certain devotion combination you must invest in a constellation you might not need. You take the points black when you’ve secured enough affinity to keep your desired devotions AND be able to retract poits from the devotion you are not really interested in.

Post the devotion constellation you think you can’t reach if you want and maybe I or someone else could help you.

We are not clairvoyants :slight_smile: If you provided that specific devotion setup via GD calculator we could tell you the exact path you should take to get them all (if it possible)

Sure, sorry bout that, when I posted a bunch of friends all were like “PLAY GD NAO!”

Ok, so here’s the Devotion tree, off of the Brimstone Pyromancer guide:

And thanks for helping me out here. I can help some of my friends figure theirs out once I can get a handle on how to navigate the Devotion map. :slight_smile:

There 's a mistake in Abomination constellation. You can’t take 3 right points without taking the first ones in the middle. So here’s the roadmap (with Abomination ‘fix’)
Crossroads Blue - 1 point
Crossroads Red - 1 point
Crossroads Green - 1 point
Lizard - 3 points
Viper - 4 points
Spider - 5 points
Kraken - 5 points
Hawk - 3 points
Scholar’s Light - 3 points
Raven - 4 points
Wendigo - 6 points
Jackal - 3 points
Eel - 3 points
Dying God - 7 points
Revenant - 1 point
respec all 3 points in Crossroads
Abomination - 3 points (from the start!)

but if you do want to take 5 points in Abomination (take the Amominable Might skill too) then I guess there’s another route that can make that possible.
for example:
Crossroads Blue - 1 point
Crossroads Red - 1 point
Crossroads Green - 1 point
Lizard - 3 points
Viper - 4 points
Eel - 3 points
Spider - 5 points
Kraken - 5 points
Hawk - 3 points
Scholar’s Light - 3 points
Raven - 4 points
Jackal - 3 points
respec Green & Blue points in Crossroads
Dying God - 7 points
Abomination - 5 points
and you are left with 4 points you can invest in whatever constellation you like

@ Garfunkel. I Cannot see any Abomination in what he posted or the pyromancer build unless it’s Jajaja’s rifle build.

Are you refering to Jahaha’s Rifle pyro build or Cyrodacry’s Gunslinger build?

The devotions you posted are more defensive going far right into Scales of Uclama.

If you are refering to Jajaja’s build that is easy to get. Both abomination and Ulzuin’s torch have similar affinity so you can play around with devotion points after you get them.

That’s because for some reason he changed the link ) First there were other constellations

I’m sorry, I had to change the link because the first one was for the 2H pyromancer build, not the dual wield version.

For reference, I am getting these from this build:

And, just in case I still didn’t get the link right, I am looking at the Dual Wield grimcalc link posted in large font near the top of the thread.

Ok then you should do this :

Crossroads Green, Purple, Red, Yellow - each 1 point
Viper - 4 points
Hawk - 3 points
Empty Throne - 4 points
Crane - 5 points
Tortoise - 5 points
Scales of Ulcama - 6 points
Scholar’s Light - 3 points
Chariot of The Dead - 7 points
Respec Scholar’s Light - +3 points
Hydra - 4 points
Solael’s Witchblade - 5 points
Respec all points in Crossroads
Targo the Builder - 4 points

Ok I checked out the devotion points on this one and I have to ask where are you unable to plan the devotions? Getting Ulzuin’s Torch with MAgi and revenant is straightforward.

If you are unable to get owl then just tale 5 points out of Ulzuin’s torch, put a point in Ascendant crossroad to get owl then take Crossroades back. Owl is the only affinity unrelated to the rest of them so it should be easy.


The build you are following is a bit outdated so…

Owl doesn’t help much really damage wise late game. You will have 1000% fire damage so Owl is like a 0.02 damage increase. Same for that point in Rhowan’s crown. He went all offense but you won’t be able to face the likes of Fabius very well. You need some defense. Personally I would get Giant’s blood at the least. It can save your life.

Also since giant’s blood will give you extra affinity since we invest in it we can scrap scholar’s light. Again, very little %damage. You need Offensive ability so we get Hawk. I picked Turtle also because it gives you a “circuit breaker”. You will be a bit tankier so you won’t need to kite as much so you will do more damage.

Rearranged your skills. You have far too few points in Blast shield. That skill is basically God Mode for 4 seconds every 12 seconds. Very strong if you get used to the timing. Leave at 8 points and let + skills do the rest

Falshbang +searing light. Let + skills take it to 7. Amazing. Fumble works on Bosses. With searing light, Blast Shield, Giant’s Blood Turtle and life steal from revenant you should be able to Tank Fabius.

Took points out of static strike. For your build 1+ skills is enough. You are not a lightning build. Put points Posesion because Absorb is amazing no matter what. You get a bit more damage too. A shame not to max it since you got your mastery bar up there. Put points in Aspect of the Guradian because like absorb, Phys resist is king in this game. Very strong.

With the above changes you should notice a much smoother gamplay. More shooty and less running without any signinficant loss in sheet DPS.

Hmm, I’m still seeing 12/12 static strike in that link you gave. Where else should I put the extra 11 pts I’ll recoup from there? I’m assuming 6 of those 11 pts into possession to max it out. Other 5 I have no idea, thinking blast shield or aspect of the guardian?

Fixed link, skills+devos. Don’t know what happened there. Read the rest of my post about it and you will see where the points went and why.:slight_smile:

Edit: also took out Grenado stun Jacks and Ulzuin’s chosen.They are a waste of points if you do not dedicate to them. Also you can take 3 points from Vindictive Flame and put them in Searing Strike transmuter frim Fire Strike line. It’s important.

Okay, that makes a whole lot more sense in the skill tree, but I am stumped on how to get to Soleil’s Witchblade and Hydra devotions, since one asks for purple affinity (which I don’t see any completed), and the other asks for blue (which I assume I have to get a set of blue devotions then recoup the pts through the spirit guide afterwards).

Any advice on a path for the revised devos?

100% my bad. Was in a Rush. Got Falcon swoop. Put that on your main attack. Along with the procs on your Guns and Pyroclasm your will shutgun them like crazy. Last 3 points do as you please. Either Hawk for more OA or Crossroads life and whatever:).

Falcons is Great as primary attack for your build but you have a bit too many procs to worry about. Fiend is a bit expensive and you won’ t get much out of it. Fissure also, mobs need to stand on it for quite a while to be effective. I’d at leeast get rid of Fiend and get Hawk and Jackal to compensate. You get more attack speed, more OA %crit dmg and % toal damage. Great trade-off and one less proc to worry about that does not benefit your build too much.
Fissure or Solael on Black water with transmuter. That skill is the proc king. If Fissure on BW cocktail you can put solael devotion on Mask of Infernal truth ability if you will use it, Flashbang cause it’s spammable. Kinda all you can do with so many procs:)
Changes here:


You’re still missing blue requirements for Behemoth. Take 2 out of Torch, 1 from crossroad, and the two leftover for 5 pts to get Viper and finish Revenant.

Lol Mordith I must have confused you beyond belief. And I have 3 lvl 85 commando and a lvl 85 pyro:D

Thanks Kearuga. I sometimes forget Behemoth requires primordial. Serves me right for doing it again in a rush before leaving from work

So you can just do as Kearuga said. Those two points from Ulzuin’s torch won’t really hurt. If you want the fire damage you can drop meteor shower. It’s not that great though it does look pretty. You can also drop Jackal if you want and do whatever else with those 3 points. Life nodes would probably be best

Personally I’d drop Magi because it’s pretty cumbersome to play a nimble gunslinger with it. Fissure needs to build up momentum and mobs need to stand on it for a while for you to be able to tell how much damage it does. I’ve tried it with tank build approx. 1400% fire damage. You get 2 Fissures under a boss with BWC and results were underwhelming. Bellow is what I would rather go for instead of magi. Abomination will give you lots of Flat OA, Life, lots of %Chaos damage which you have on Brimstone and Witchfire. The proc you can use or not. It’s fun vs mobs, you can bind it to Mask of Infernal Truth ability, let trash burn and you get 20% health or so and tons of chaos damage. Hope i won’t confuse you again.

Superfluff makes solid points and the new devotions are a great deal better.

Magi was too much point invest for minimal gain. More of a fire caster tree for the cast speed and flat fire damage or a one point wonder. Abomination is just infinitely better here.

Meteor shower will be a personal opinion on whether you take it or go with the fire damage (right path on torch) omitting the burn node. I go with fire damage and use the extra point for % health.

Thanks for the advice/direction! I feel like a have a bit more of a handle now on how the Devotion system works, and a bit more knowledge on how to start out a basic build.

One last question for you all: Is there a basic guide on building classes on a basic level, like how the mechanics of certain abilities work (like how I just figured out how Cadence in Soldier overrides other procs)?