Doom Eternal

found a video that combines the 3 parts shown during quakecon:

so the super shotgun got a grappling hook und the basic one a full auto mode. :smiley:

The 2016 version was a decent game, but not super great, I just wonder if both the PC and console releases will get a downgrade in graphics? I probably wishlist it and buy it on sale. (the new version) otherwise, I think I will pass.

I enjoyed the reboot, but I only played it through once, put it down, and haven’t looked at it again. Wolfenstein is the better title, IMHO.

I might get it on a cheap sale. I haven’t played the 2016 version.

Rage 2 looks more interesting to me.


The first Rage had so much potential, but it was a bit of a disappointment in the end; the sequel looks like it will deliver though, definitely interested in seeing how it turns out.

Doom Eternal and Rage 2 will both give a different experience.
Doom Eternal seems to be much better than Doom (2016) by giving:
the player more mobility

  • dashing (all direction)
  • the shotgun with a ‘‘grappling hook’’ that pull you toward the ennemy which can also be use on a ‘‘flying ennemy’’ so you end up in the air shotting and even dashing as needed (cool af!!!))
    cool multiplayer experiences
  • you attacking another player in his campaing story as a monster (only if he has that fonction on so you can put that fonction off if you don’t want player invading your world)
  • another ‘‘pvp’’ mode not annonced yet.

While Rage 2 seems to be more oriented towards single player … still will give cool powers (different than in Doom Eternal) and a much more open world. As it has been said Rage 2 seems A LOT better than the first Rage.

Dunno if I will get them day 1 but I will definitly end up playing them at some point!

Doom Eternal… looks like a walking simulator when it comes to movement pace. Really hope they crank it up a lot when we actually get to play it.

Rage 2 looks interesting. Taking the few good bits from Mad Max and making it better. But we’ll have to see. Original Rage wasn’t that great with a rather abrupt ending as well. I’ll wait for some heavy reviews/streams first.

but it has awesome meat hook!

In 2016, I had so much more fun with Shadow Warrior 2 than with Doom. It provided a fun, quite fast paced experience like old FPS (Doom, Duke Nukem 3D, etc) while Doom was slower, with too few bullets to really have some fun. :frowning:

Only problem with Shadow Warrior franchise in general is the excessive amount of resistances/hp…that really destroys the pace of boss kills. Makes it boring and tedious. I lost all the fun on higher difficulties because of that.