DoT - clarity, DoT - coop display bug, inventory, feedback.


Great game, almost great as Titan quest was.

I spotted few things that are not realy intuitive, few things that got bugs, few things that are missing.

I played Conjurer in coop with friend Commando.

Damage over Time

Clarity (I will use poison for examples)
Without reading game guide in your website it takes some time to learn that one spell cant stack in damage, but few diffrent spells will stack and can reach high DoT. Specially when i first red wiki text:

This works similarly for debuffs and damage over time effects. If you apply a % reduction to a monster’s damage by using a skill and then do the same thing with a weapon attack, only the strongest debuff will be take effect. The effects do not stack. Likewise, a target will only take damage from the strongest damage over time effect, such as burn damage.

Coop display bug
So using the same quote

target will only take damage from the strongest damage over time effect, such as burn damage

I met a strange bug. My DoT is being stolen by my coop friend. Lets say like this, i am playing poison conjurer, my impact hit is 3-4k dmg, while i can stack poison to 30-40k, my friend is tank physicla/fire damage there is no way he is even close with his burn damage to my poison damage (Which would match with what wiki says, that only one strongest over time damage is up) So while i am poisoning my enemies, sometimes the damage dissapear from my screen and it appears on my friend screen, like he is doing all this DoT damage. Its a bit confusing.

Highest Damage Dealt Stat
There is statistic “Damage Dealt” which should show our biggest damage. I think it works strange. I am not sure about that, but it didnt update my biggest damage when i did one with DoT tick. The story is: I was hitting on impact like 2-3k, my biggest damage was 12k, not sure how. I tried to beat this and reached poison damage tick of 13-14k but nothing updated. Right now is 42k, i remember seeing that poison tick while ago, but i cant trust this statistic :stuck_out_tongue:

There could be some check boxes to set bag only for components/eq/potions etc.

As i wrote in the begining that the game is almost great as TQ, the main reason of that are the classes. In TQ classes were a bit more clear, also most of the animation and attack impact felt much better, here spells and attack feel like “blurred”, matching classes is not realy as funny as it was in TQ.

Epic moments, final fights
In TQ final bosses felt realy great, farming it was realy nice, sounds that they made were chilling the skin, now the same epic sounds are as the background sound while runing through farms etc (for example the Titan quest final boss scream when defeated as i remember) Now it apears randomly like game music :frowning: . The final Grim Dawn boss doesnt realy feel as good as TQ was.

Realy great work overall. :slight_smile: I hope you guys got some more aces in the sleves :stuck_out_tongue: