DoT retaliation doesn't make any sense

pretty much the title.
there are some items in the game (screenshots below, maybe forgot sth) that have Dot retaliation. Actually, it doesn’t make any sense because values are too small, so I suggest:

  1. remove DoT retal completely and replace it with some useful stats like resists, cc-resists, etc.
  2. replace it with flat retal so not only Thornhides could be taken for different types of damage.



I’m not sure about that. The values look OK, but I have yet to finish my acid/poison retal Bramblevine build.

I bet that flat retal values will do the job and dot retal will be doing very little.

Flat retal will probably be superior, yes. Though Bramblevine should work OK because it does high RTA in large AoE to get use out of the poison. Single target may well suffer.

Idk if Hellborne is workable or not.

I agree the electrocute is low for sure.

Edit: Venomspine looks purely thematic, with 0 retal +% dmg. Or just low value.

Just because it’s hard to make sense of at first glance doesn’t mean that it doesn’t make any sense :wink:

Many other people in this topic mentioned brambevine, and 3 of those items you linked can be used successfully in bramblevine retal builds. As long as you’re able to channel DoT retal through a skill with high retal to attack values, you can make a build around it. Flat retal would not fulfill the same purpose because flat damage retal encourages tanking as many hits as possible, and DoT retal encourages taking less hits while kiting more.

Bramblevine example: I play this one and I like it quite a bit, but it would be gutted if the poison retal was removed from items as you propose.


Venomspine looks purely bad. But it has +2 to NJE.

Pretty much this. I’ve never played Daega Bramblevine but some theorycrafts and rough number crunching suggest that it would be able to put out pretty decent Poison ticks by hybridizing Poison Retal and normal Poison. @Snazzblaster You could squeeze out more Poison Retaliation and % Retaliation damage by taking Phoenix Fire as well as an idea.

I do agree that other variants like Electrocute Retaliation don’t seem to have the item support that Poison Retaliation has to really work though.

Nice. I was going for something like this: Waited specifically for 1.1.7 and Ikrix scale + creeping ring are so sweet!

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