DoT tick intervals list?

Do we have a “list”/does someone know the individual DoTs(/pseudo dots) tick frequency and which scale with cast speed/CDR(if any)?

learning Ravenous Earth had 0.8sec and BWC 1.2sec intervals was kinda a surprise,
so really wondered/got curious if we had/could get a completely breakdown of skill’s dot intervals ? (and which if any scales with speed)
-kinda useful to get a better ballpark on certain devotion attachments if possible

thanks :hugs:


It’s a bit of a goose chase but it looks like they can be found in the AssetManager by looking up a mastery skill in records/skills/playerclass01-09. Looking for a projectile in the dbr that leads to another dbr in records/fx (and following an AoE if it’s specified further like with BWC) and then checking for a targetInterval value.

For example, here’s Grasping Vines:

And here’s Blackwater Cocktail’s:

If no one else wants to compile a list of them, I can do it at some point if I can get a list of any specific skills someone wants to know the tick intervals for or a list of every skill that mechanically fits into the category (as looking through every skill like this will get fairly tedious).


cheers Baka :hugs:
(i can’t seem to figure out using the asset manager/dbr editor @_@)

the stuff i had in mind were just the “regular” pseudo DoTs

  • Blackwater Cocktail\ -> Demon Fire -> Agonizing Flames /all=1.2sec?(no cast speed?)
                        \- High Potency =?
  • Thermite Mines -> Hellfire Mines =?

  • Sigil of Consumption -> Destruction =?

  • Bloody Pox -> Wasting -> Black Death =?

  • Curse of Frailty -> Vulnerability =?

  • Devouring Swarm =?

  • Grasping Vines -> Entangling Vines /all=0.5sec?(no cast speed?)

  • Word of Pain -> Word of Agony -> Death Sentence =?

  • Storm Box of Elgoloth -> Lightning Tether =? (Tether=cast speed?)

  • Siphon Souls\ -> Blood Boil =?
                 \-Sear Souls =?
  • Ravenous Earth -> Decay -> Foul Eruption /all=0.8sec?(no cast speed?)

  • Ill Omen =?

  • Volcanic Stride(Vire’s Might) =?

  • Heart of Wrath(Judgment) =?

  • Aether Corruption(Seal of Corruption) =?

  • Haunt(Haunt relic) =?

reason i include modifier nodes or transmuters are for some clarification if they affect skill behavior, either in terms of (pseudo)DoT interval or scaling off Cast Speed
^specially when/where you have DoTs with irregular/decimal durations (either by default or modifier nodes). “What does adding 0.4sec duration do; for a skill with 1.2sec intervals” etc etc etc

Did any of you check the Devouring Swarm’s tick intervals? Or Curse of Frailty, I have to use both to proc some devotions sadly but can’t be sure which one is better on single target, or they both 1 sec.

Apologies for the long wait but I unfortunately don’t have a lot of answers after finally getting around to sitting down and peering through.

Attacks List

Blackwater Cocktail
1200ms (1.2s)
Cast Speed: Yes

Kudos to Zantai for confirming this.

Sigil of Consumption
1000ms (1s)
Cast Speed: No

Grasping Vines
500ms (0.5s)
Cast Speed: No

Lightning Tether
330ms (0.33s)
Cast Speed: Yes

Ravenous Earth
800ms (0.8s)
Cast Speed: No

Volcanic Stride
1000ms (1s)
Cast Speed: No
Kudos to MysteryMeat and ASYLUM101 for tests and details that corrected my initial assumption here:

The above are the only ones I can locate and verify for certain.

Debuffs list

Thermite Mine’s Flare
Bloody Pox
Curse of Frailty
Devouring Swarm
Word of Pain
Storm Box of Elgoloth
Siphon Souls
Ill Omen
Heart of Wrath
Aether Corruption

The above skills are marked in the AssetManager as buffs (though act as harmful buffs/debuffs) so I cannot find their tick rate in the same way I can for the other skills :confused:. Perhaps debuffs in general are just preset and fixed at 1 second per tick and cannot be changed?


woa awesome baka, thanks so much for bothering to do this

wonder if the volcanic stride just happened to proc “something”? or if it’s a “fire patch” overlay because each patch is X tiny size?, or maybe it’s bleed, trauma, flat fire, and burn respectively all going off “solo”? :thinking:

BWC scaling with cast speed was super interesting to see, definitely gonna try remember that when i attach it to stuff on casters now :+1:

Yeah that blew my mind!

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Z keeping all the secrets to himself in the asset manager :laughing:

i’m gonna assume most of the debuffs ticks with a 1sec interval, tho i know it’s stupid as heck to “assume” stuff with GD :sweat_smile:, likewise that they probably dont’ scale off cast speed either :thinking: -tho always curious to be confirmed ofc

wonder if @ASYLUM101 knows ?

Was done on a completely blank character, no devotions, one single patch of Fire. Every time I observed the Burn number + anywhere from 3 to 6 numbers for Fire damage on either or both dummies depending on which one was effected.

It’s of interest to me as well as if the Fire damage is dealt 3-6 times per tick and stacks per Fire trail as we have known up until now, then certain Vire’s Might builds that can plant a trail every second should be putting out some pretty obscene DPS numbers. I checked the AssetManager again and unlike Aetherfire which is limitted to 8 patches of Fire, there is no such limitation on Volcanic Stride.

Does explain why it’s such a good devotion proccer though :stuck_out_tongue:

On BWC as well. There is no way to discern in the AssetManager if a skill scales on cast speed or not, I talked to a few others about this as well. The only way I could work out if a skill does is by going in-game and equipping a pair of Celerity gloves and checking if my sheet DPS went up or not. Only exception to this rule being Volcanic Stride as it’s seperate to Vire’s Might. More likely for BWC is that it just reflects the throw animation being faster rather than it ticking at a faster rate :man_shrugging:.

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Whoa, does it mean that the higher cast speed, the more tick BWC does damage?

like with 100% speed it deal each 1.2s, and at 200% it deal each 0.6s?

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When I did testing for my builds a while ago, I found that the number of instances dealt by Volcanic Stride varied based on the length of the dash, which I believe is due to the patches of Volcanic Stride overlapping on top of each other to hit the same target.

You can see that when I perform a very short dash, there is only 1 instance of Volcanic Stride damage, versus several for the longer dash.




I think you may be misinterpreting that.

BWC scales with Cast Speed in the sense that you can throw more of them faster and overlap flame patches to deal the flat damage, but the tic rate is a fixed value.


attack auras and debuffs always tic at the same rate there is no way to scale them or increase them (hardcoded), I think it’s probably locked at 1000ms but I really don’t know the exact number.

vire’s might has only 1000ms interval, but as someone above mentioned, it recasts depending on how far you travel, it should be recasting every 1 meter which should reliably create 2 overlapping patches. Vire itself has a 100 ms delay between “hits”, I’m not sure if this plays a part in how often it creates ground patches


Thanks for the confirm, this is what I suspected as mentioned above:

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cheers for confirmation big Z :+1:

awesome, thanks for explaining Asylum :+1:

big :hugs: @all for stopping by here and helping sort out all these “little” details

yup was reading that and about to reply i suspected the same when seeing Zantai pop in :sweat_smile: - still/again big thanks for going through the asset manager :+1:

Thank god I was wrong. Would make BWC ridiculous.

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This is a good thing to know for builds that have high flat bonuses to BWC spam, though. Including Turion’s shield.

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apparently Blackwater Cocktail does not have tick interval of 1.2secs :thinking:

edit should probably add this
checked the tick interval 2 ways ingame
one was increasing the skill duration to not direct 1sec intervals, as 1.2 sec should have some x.4-x.6-x.8 interval matchups but it always only increased ticks at straight 1 sec interval upgrades 3-4-5 and such
binding it to Sage devotion which has a 1.2 sec cd also can’t proc it on every attack, meanwhile attaching it to Seru, 1sec cd, does proc it every attack

and assuming i’m messing with the right table (which granted i might not be) changing the table(s) from 1200 to 3000 did 0 to affect the ingame tick rate
^since i’m not exactly good at messing with GD tables i don’t know if i changed “all”/the correct ones, would need a more experienced modder to check/confirm, but did change the ones i could find, including the 1-4 different tier versions i saw, incl high potency just to be sure