Double aura cast

Hi guys and gals
How do you cast a double aura of the same item?
For example if I have seal of blades on weapon and offhand, I have seen some videos of players with two auras activated on their skill bar.
I have tried everything I can think of to do this but can only activate one at the time.
The second one always cancels the first one when I try to cast the extra aura.
Thank you

You can only have once instance of that aura active. However you can have different versions of that aura active like “Impaling Weapons” and “Empowered Impaling Weapons”.

Just assign each instance of Whirling Blades (or whatever component-granted aura you’re after) to a separate hotkey. If you hit both hotkeys and the aura flickers on and then off you’ve assigned one aura to both keys and just need to reassign one hotkey.