double converison

Hi, a question about double conversion. I thought that if i convert all elemental damage to chaos with the blood orb of ch’thon and then reach 100% chaos to aether conversione equipping 2 albrecht’s duality (or AD + clairvoyant robe + clairvoyant mantle), ALL the chaos damage would be converted in aether damage. Fact is, the fire damage (from AAR or Devastation for example) is converted to chaos, but then is not converted in aether.

What a disappointment… it was always supposed to be so? :frowning:

Conversion loops aren’t something game developers are happy with.

No, double conversion doesn’t work.

also check this thread:

There is no double conversion in game.

it would have been more fun :frowning:

the problem is, how do you decide what to convert first…

There is.
You just need to make sure the conversion doesn’t come from the same type of source in order to happen one after the other.
Most common example would be Aether/Chaos AAR using transmuter to convert from aether to chaos, then a duality ring to convert some chaos to aether.

All conversions don’t happen at the same time. There are some priority rules.
But damage bonus are never applied between conversions.

Then i can only guess that the chaos to aether conversion from equipment occurs before the elemental to chaos conversion from blood orb of C. skill, so that the elemental damage converted can’t be further converted in aether.

If so, i don’t see any solutions, except to go directly for elemental/fire to aether conversione (Aldricht’s decree, Angrivix amulet)…

It’s a shame, i had theorycrafted a very effective Warlock build, with good survivability and all, only to find that it could not work as i imagined :cry:


Conversion from transmuter “always” happens first. Therefore if the OP wanted a pure “Chaos” AAR beam this is possible using “Blood Rite” granted from “Blood Orb of Chthon” as it will convert the elemental damage on AAR to pure “Chaos”. But what the OP wants is “impossible” as the game cannot tell what to convert first as mamba posted.

The “conversion” section of the game guide hasn’t changed in a long time so it’s better to read through it first