DPS detection problem

Hey folks, I’m new to the game (and flippin loving it). I’m a dual wielding pistol blasting sorcerer. Just got the ability to use both pistols (and cannister bomb which is so great along with it and searing light!) but now that I’m trying out new pistols…I have a problem.
The tooltip states that if I equip my new pistol in The offhand slot that it will up my dps by 31, but when I equip it it takes my weapon damage down by 9. I know there is a lot that goes into the deduction of overall dps. But I can’t find a place to track that (like they have in Path of Exile) and weapon damage seems to be the closest thing I can find. So any help I can get to figure out how to best track all this would be much appreciated. I’m very particular about this type of thing in these games lol

   Thank you much in advance for your time!

Do you have a component or augment attached to your former weapon? That can affect it.

No I haven’t tried any of that yet, was not sure if I should wait to put them on better gear. But I did just look around a bunch more and found out where to track overall dps… Right in my dang face lol. And I’m assuming that is the best way to track your gear upgrades?

Generally, your bes way IMO to track your DPS is in the second tab of your character sheet. Bind your main attack to LMB or RMB, and check there. Also, make sure you hover over it and keep an eye on what damages you are doing. If you’re focusing, say, Fire/Lightning, then even if something adds more DPS as Cold, you’d often be better off in the long run with something that adds a little less, but as the damage types you’re focusing. That isn’t hugely important early, but later on, when you start getting resist reduction, or devotion procs of some kind, then you want to make sure you’re adding damage you can use, because even if it doesn’t show in that screen, you’ll be getting more actual damage out of what you’re focusing, in most cases. Mostly because of RR, but with some things like Abomination’s devotion proc, it matters as well.