DPS Tool tip?

What does the DPS on a weapon actually mean in this game? I have a 2hand Primal strike character. And I get lucky with 2hand sword drops but when it comes to rifles I get hardly any drops and the ones I get are DPS wise worse than my LVL 40 rifle. And I’m LVL 58 playing in Malmouth zone. I have had the same rifle since LVL 40 something.

Never look into tool tips. They’re wrong 99% of the time. Look at the damage sheet in the second inventory tab instead.

the text on the weapon basically tell you how much more damage per second you deal with basic attack with attack speed. It does not take into account OA, crit damage, what skill(s) you are using, resistance reductions etc.

The dps in the char window (same page as your resistnaces etc) shows the average dps of your LMB and RMB skills.

The damage sheet in the second char tab shows you damage for your LMB and RMB damage per use and weapon damage.

Do not trust any dps number in the game unless you know what you are doing.

If you wanna figure out if you do more Primal Strike damage, look for PS damage and attack speed changes and do your own little calculation.

So don’t look at the DPS # on the weapon tool tip? Ok i hope i can figure this out because this is the first game where this has me stumped.

Did you play Diablo 3?

I find the DPS tooltip useful to an extent when playing auto-attackers. If there aren’t many variables to take in consideration it can help you to decide which weapon is better during leveling. But once you get access to the endgame items it stops being that relevant and things like skill modifiers, procs or granted skills become more important.