Draft Idea - AOE Fun with Bleed/Trauma - Has anyone else expeirmented with similar?

Hey guys :slight_smile: I’ve been looking into this idea of making an AOE dot build. High mobility, many sources of bleed and trauma damage. I wondered if it would actually be good. The idea would definitely be a ‘hit and run’ assassin playstyle, with three mobility skills and a wide range of bleed and trauma procs.

Here’s a quick draft/unfinished mockup in gt to give an idea: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/62ak01BZ

Any thoughts on the potential of this build?

If you’re taking Acid Spray, you don’t need Break Morale as all it’s doing is adding another 2 Physical RR. I’d recommend putting those points into 1 pointing Resilience/Clarity of Purpose and the rest into Ascension (preferably push it to 12/12 with 1 pointers from elsewhere).

Military Conditioning is worth sparing points for. Even if you don’t need the extra DA from Physique further down the line, it means you can shift attribute points in Physique to Cunning for more OA/Damage.

Scars of Battle is worth grabbing, free resistances and armour absorption will free up space in other places like components or in devotion for more damage.

Righteous Fervor is worth considering over Cadence for the goodies on Consecration.

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