Drain Essence Spellbinder help

Hello! I have this Spellbinder with Uroboruuk’s set. Sustain seems good due to main skill, damage sems ok too but I feel like it could be better. I have tried few little tweaks, but they didn’t make much difference. I would appreciate advice or suggestions

Hi, i’m no specialist like other builders out here but i do have some advice/tips:

  1. Devotions: very defensive.

Obelisk of Menhir doesn’t do much for your build. Dont get me wrong is not “bad” but just very defensive.

Spear of Heaven devo and aetherfire proc on essence drain does alot of extra passive dmg you channel.

I would also suggest trying to get flat RR from devotions (revenant or scales of ulcama) and not from the mod on RE.

As far as i know the mod on RE rarely proc’s.

  1. Skill points

I would remove all points from the third mod from RE, reduce points on siphon soul to 12/12, and make arcane will a 1 point wonder.

I would add points to overload (12/12 if possible), that will give you alot more offensive, well over 3k.

I would also take HoS over RP, mostly for the extra sustain. (not so important)

Add some more points to third mod from ED and blood boil for that juicy - OA on all mobs around you.

Last but not least: 1 point in mark of torment give you 9/10… really good extra defensive skill.

  1. Seal of corruption got nerved big time, no more - RR. dont think it’s worth it anymore. I’d probably go with seal of might for the resists, especially physical res.

Just my 2 cents.

Gl :slight_smile:

Yeah, I was thinking about same thing too. This build was based on my Warlock build, who has more defensife devotions.

I might try them again, but I dont like that they are very slow

Tooltip says it has 100% chance of activating

Oh my god, I dont know how I missed it

It still good for procing devotions.

Absolutely no go. It lowers my aether damage.

Thank you for your suggestions, I really appreciate.

i found a very similiar build for you:


Cool, almost same as I was reimagining in grimtools

This is the best I’ve ever seen

I like the gear setup of this build, but I would do a lot of tweaking to components / augments / skills / devotions. It’s personal preference you know, so if you don’t like it just ignore what I am writing. :smiley:

  • No Prismatic diamond on head when you are actually capping AA with two Living Armors and a Scaled Hide is bad.
  • Non capped run speed is painful to play as a caster, I’d try to incorporate a Mark of Mogdrogen on boots to get some more speed or to tweak devotions accordingly.
  • 4/10 Nullification is just bad. It’s one of the strongest skills in the entire game, I try to go for 9/10 or 10/10 in all my characters which include Arcanist in the dual mastery combo. Packs melt so fast when you nullify them. It’s a neat clear speed increase, not only a defensive tool.
  • Fabric of reality racial bonus is so strong that it should be overcapped or at least softcapped.
  • Why stopping Spectral Binding at 15/12 when you can get to 17/12?
  • Ravenous Earth provides 16% damage reduction with a six points investment. I’d take it, honestly, and remove Blood Boil which costs 9 points to activate.
  • From a devotion point of view, since you are using Hourglass, I’d try to incorporate a 6/7 Dying God instead of Alladrah’s Phoenix. You get a ton of good offensive stats and the final is up like 100% of the time giving you a lot of extra speed and crit damage. And since run speed is not capped it’s very good to have.
  • All in all, in a channeling-based build, too much piano is a playstyle I don’t like. That’s why I wouldn’t use Seal of Corruption too. I don’t like the current nerfed version of it without RR. I’d use a Seal of Resonance instead.