[] Dalia's Dad Sucks. Literally. - Aether DE Spellbinder


I noticed AAR is now top tier while FoI has got countless buff suggestions so I decided to try out the middle child since everyone’s kinda silent about it except the part about retal. In the end it’s not as strong as AAR but strong enough to not warrant any rant threads - except the terrify part.

The Build

Char sheet with all permanent buffs.


Build Explanations
  • Gear - Well you’re playing Aether DE so Uroboruuk set is a must. Screams of the aether ring is nice for more DE and Devastation. Weapon is chosen over Hex launcher because better stats, RR and +1 Necro >> DE mods. Gloves is BiS. Even Krieg gloves for 2 pc bonus can’t match the damage of riftwarped. Pants is BiS in Crucible where everyone disrupts you - very important since DE is virtually your only real source of sustain. Relic can be Eternity if that’s your thing. I like green flames. For boots I find Krieg to be the most well-balanced in terms of stats. You can go for something with spirit or stun res tho. The rest are usual aether stuff.
  • Skill Choices - Maxing DE line as much as you can is given. Same with Spectral Binding line. Devastation is important for clearing beefy targets and it makes clearing trash waves faster. Reckless power over Harbinger to ease skill points. 14/12 Inner Focus for Spirit dump. I have 1 missing point, put it there as well. Get Nullification if you’re a pussy. The rest are self explanatory.
  • Devotions - I tried versions with full DG and with full TD. Went with this one instead of DG for the final build cause TD spec has enough DA to allow spirit dumps, which mad_lee bugged everyone about.
  • Stats - Spirit dump, courtesy of @mad_lee. I actually wanted to make some spirit dump builds before but not this. He bugged everyone on the private chat and as a result @thejabrixone also did a spirit dump build. Can probably go for full spirit with phys only for armor reqs and not see a significant drop in survivability but I don’t wanna play the build any more for now which is why I’m already posting. Adjust according to your personal DA needs.
Cruci Performance and Video

Vid has 6:10 clear but with many annoying stuff like Terrify and Bargoll not moving Probably should’ve been sub 5 without those. I don’t wanna play more runs anymore cause I need to play some other game.

The sad thing about this build and Uroboruuk Set in particular is the terrify mechanic. Makes cleartimes inconsistent tho I’ve never had a clear below 7mins. 6:50ish seems to be the limit for me. Still really annoying.

Other Stuff * **Realms** - I don't like realms. I did have some spare realm sets back when I played it last patch tho. There's a shitton of them drops before it was moved to vendors so it wasn't a problem finding good rolled parts. - copied this from the previous thread again

Aether DE is great. Build can still be improved in many ways but I’m starting to play another game now so if you guys play this and find something interesting then do it. This is not a minmaxed build by any means but it works great already if you just wanna do it at face value.


Yeah, Aether DE binder sucks really well, can’t be said the same about vitality and cold variants, not even mentioning acid. Haven’t tried them myself, but I heard it’s energy cost. Obviously not a problem for binder, but others have it hard apparently.

Oh no, you stole this one from me?

I am kidding, nice build. :stuck_out_tongue: And I can’t play it for real.

Why even bother with acid? Or is that retal acid?

On some runs Shar’zul dies before he even starts moving.

Thanks! It’s actually Pokemon X, which is kinda sad cause I played XY on Showdown a lot at one point but I never played XY itself.

And misadaventures is today? Damn if it says patch will be this week then I’d have a massive life crisis.

@nery Uroboruuk is a sucker, not a thief :rofl:


Conduit, Scion of Bitter Winds

Acid just doesn’t work without double RR.

Oh right, I always forget that some conduits aren’t meant to be playable. Silly me, why even consider them. Let’s just pretend they don’t exist.

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10 chars rubbish

I already played S/M. Honestly I liked it the least out of all the games. The change in the formula didn’t sit well with me and it felt too short with only 4 trials. Also it was on an emulator with a crappy laptop so that played a factor.

Spirit dump meta!

Also, great build!

Nice build as usual @x1x1x1x2 ! Kinda wanna try out the apostate or maybe even defiler version of this.

Edit: wait no decay and no nullification? :open_mouth:

Some conduit mods are just trying too hard imo. Even if you can use it, it will never meant to be in a high end play. Which meant working as intended.

BTW, what’s with this OA beggar build doing? :smiling_imp:
BTW again, what? No nullification?
BTW again again, damage looks very nice, but seeing the mobs running away from you just… :rofl:
Damn, imagine if there is no terrify effect in the game. GD will be almost perfect!

I suppose that 500+ OA shred, softcapped MoE + MoT with hourglass, disruption and slow resist cap and very good ADCTH (DE + SS) can be enough from a defensive point of view.


Scared of being sucked. Can’t blame them. Seriously tho Terrify needs to go.


Don’t need OA to suck. :grava_yes:

True. You’re prone to occasional oneshots if you fulltank stuff and let reaper charge the entirety of his savagery. However, if you get Nullification, you cancel that with 1 point instead of the 13 you need for decay. I also don’t get null tho cause that’s for pussies.

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x1 said why would I consider acid, I answered that it’s because there exist two items to support it. It’s not like I suggested something 100% meme like, say, lightning DE.

I perfectly understand that not all conduits intended to result in 6 min builds, and I didn’t imply that acid DE should somehow be one of them. I just brought it up as the weakest intended damage type for DE.

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:rofl: /10chars

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