Dreadscorcher build anyone?

I like the look of this gun, I would like to build around it if possible,

Has anyone tried doing it?
First thing that comes to my mind is Demo/Inq Purifier, Magelord rings and diviner helmet to swap elemental to aether, 2 pieces shatter and 2 pieces of kriegs. Its still missing the stats to be viable.

I hope devs add more items that supports wierd builds like this :confused: all the non class combos that I tried seems to be less effective then usual combos like warlords etc…

It’ll work.

But what might be better is kreig set defiler.

ooo thats actually a good idea

You can use agrivix ammy + arcanist belt to convert fire to lightning, and free up your ring slots.

quick question; what happens with conversions? lets say I swapped fire to chaos then chaos to vit? does the damage gets converted into fire to vit? and which % dmg gear should I pick up?

I don’t follow. You’d need to show me the GT because it all depends on the order of conversions


Need to fix the resists no idea how

EDIT: Gave up on double conversion everything is aether

You don’t need chaos conversion on the rings because of the innate conversion on dreadscorcher

Good call on bonemongers. You should probably complete the set.

they have massive offensive ability and aether damage still have to use :confused:

You need attack speed imo.

cant really swap out the rings cuz elemental resist too. I just cant figure out the resist problem


conduit would help a lot too.


This is the final version, thanks for help. I am going to try this to see how it performs tomorrow

non mythical blood sigil is probably BiS for this build.

and i’d find some way to increase cc-res. unless you’re just cruisin’ in MC, in which case it should be fine

Made this a while ago:
Not groundbreaking but pretty fun to play.