Dreeg HC lvl 67 Conjuror build - any room for improvement?

Hi all

my grimcalc is


I’m doing ok, and am clearing relatively fast.
I tried wendigo totem instead of grasping vines but it wasnt as effective

Life 8K
80 fire
75 cold
74 light
85 acid
80 pierce
Bleed 77
vit 56
eith 47
chaos 83

Scorpian (cof)
Turtle - possesion
Dryad - dreeg
Manticore - vines

Weapon - touch of purity
DPS base 5149.

So that’s me.

Any feedback to increase dps would be great - also I don’t feel my hp is great.

Still havent found any updates for my lvl 30 Miasma set, and if I try and replace any items my dps goes way down.

Any ideas welcomed. I wish for an empowered miasma piece but none have dropped.

Have maxed Devil x rep.

Thx for any feedback.
I tried vit build but have no vit gear and couldnt change to vit so thats a no-go atm :slight_smile:
When should Imake my way up the shamen tree?



You’re trying to do both DEE and pets? That probably will not work out well.

Take a point out of Vulnerability and Heart of the Wild. These skills scale terribly beyond 10 points so never over-cap them.

Drop the hellhound completely. If you aren’t a pet user (and you aren’t) the hound is worthless in vanilla.

Get rid of grasping vines completely. Yes completely. Spend those points to get curse of frailty to 10/10, it’ll let you slow/poison res debuff the entire screen at once. No need for a 2nd slow really once you can do that.

Get rid of the Touch of Purity, it is an utter crap weapon. Get something with cast speed if possible if you are intending to do dreeg spam.

Make sure to use one or even two Mark of Dreeg on your weapon/off hand. Using both iterations of the skill in rapid succession will let you stack two instances of the poison onto all targets hit, and you can then follow that up with a barrage of Dreeg projectiles.

Those might help, but you’ve kinda shot yourself in the foot here by shoehorning a poison dreeg caster into a shaman.

Thanks very much for the feedback - Iv’e tried to find a better weapon but no drops that increase dps more than it does.
I’ll go1010 on COF and drop vines and the hellound - i only used him for distraction purposes.

I don’t have much faith for this guy which is sad as hes come so far.

Crap mastery choices i guess. But I can’t help feeling that if I had empowered Miasma and a good weapon he’d be stronger.

Thankyou very much for the time spent giving me feedback.

I’m not sure whether to retire him. But with 70 augs from Dev crossing and better gear he may have a chance with the final boss as his res is pretty good.

I’m a poe veteran and in that game most builds work. in this one you need a very strong build to beat the game. Using experimental builds like this leads to poor endgame results. It’s hard to know if he had better gear and some decent legendaries - he’d be better. I’ve only found one legendary for him in all four acts of Elite which is pretty demoralising - it seems the drop rate for legendaries is very low, and they’d have to fit my build.

I’ll try and kill elite final boss but may rip to him.

Thanks again for your help.


Honestly, the lack of acid/poison synergy in Shaman is the biggest issue with going Conjurer here. You could always shelve him until you got some decent gear to turn him into a vit-bleed conjurer.

Thanks - that’ll take a long time. Is there a vit set?

And is there no hope for him as a poison dude?

TYVM for your answers.


-You have made multiple threads asking for help for this build. Why not use the same thread?

-You’re max with Devil’s Crossing, what about the other ones? Faction vendors have some good gear.

-Add devotions to Grimcalc, it’s much easier that way

-Why take Crane, Dryad and Tortoise? You’re wasting devotion points.

-I don’t think you understand how poison works. Poison works if you stack it from different sources. So the more the sources the merrier.

-Extra points in Vulnerability and Possession are useless. Keep them at max and not more.

-You say you’re squishy and yet you ignore behemoth. It’s great for restoring HP.

New setup for devotion- http://grimcalc.com/build/1006-XIk149

-In the above setup, prioritize to Behemoth.
Attach Guardian’s Gaze to CoF,
Manticore (which provides RR and improves effective DPS) to DEE;
Scorpion to Infinite Gaze (Granted by item Mark of Dreeg) If you don’t have the component then attach sting to Vines
Fetid Pool slows enemies and adds more poison
You’re far away from Abomination so no point in advising you where to attach it to.

-You need to get Mark of Dreeg component, complete it and add it to one of the weapon slots. It grants a powerful skill.

-Blight is a decent relic. +1 to Occultist is valuable. Sanctuary sucks

-If you’re struggling in a difficulty then farm the previous one for faction rep

-When you get to revered with factions then you’ll have access to their best gear and augments

-Use GracefulDusk for any info on items

-Touch of Purity is shit, look for something with cast speed as suggested above.

-Make sure you didn’t skip any points i mentioned :stuck_out_tongue:

@Chthon - I’ve listened to advice and my threads have not all been about this toon. I posted another thread when a 68 BM was in trouble.

I’m grateful for all your feedback.

I’ve changed weapon and have for his base dps from 5k -7k, so I do listen and the help Ive received on the forums has been great.

I need the res and protection. When I hit 70, I’ll have lvl 70 augs and mat respec out of crane.

I need tortoise as I’m HC.

I got rid of Purity and you’re right it sucked - a new dagger with cast speed gave me 1k base DPS.

Gear matters. After playing though Elite I’ve found not a single empowered Miasma or an epic wand. Most epic armour seems to be lacking acid/poison and is heavily weighted toward elemental.

If I respecc devotions I’d lose skills that are now nearly maxed, but I’ll try it out and remove point you suggested.


All in all @Chthon - I’m grateful for your kind feedback.

You overestimate Turtle’s Protection. If anything it’s hindering your build’s max potential. I’d say drop it and learn to time your BoD more accurately.

This one contains Turtle - http://grimcalc.com/build/1006-Tewi17

Thanks a lot mate.

PS - I’m glad you think he’s doable with poison he’s clearing much faster in Eite now :slight_smile:

if you want to change completely you could go vitality/chaos. take shaman and pick-up wendigo totem, storm totem and stop at corrupted storm, pick sigil of consumption too. spam sigil, CoF, totems and grasping vines to proc your devotions. you’ll do a lot of damage and heal yourself too. don’t focus too much on sheet dps, it’ll sometimes mislead you. oh, almost forgot, use training dummies to test things out too.

Would you mind posting your current gear setup?

this build is based on Retaliator’s build http://www.grimdawn.com/forums/showthread.php?t=31945 i made a few changes based on my playstyle, like the devotion setup and a few pieces of gear.

http://grimcalc.com/build/1007-UPyliD w/ devotions but w/o gear

main hand: https://gracefuldusk.appspot.com/items/8510-Soulbearer (purified salt)
off hand: https://gracefuldusk.appspot.com/items/7702-Deathlord’s-Tome (radiant shield)
Chest:https://gracefuldusk.appspot.com/items/7988-Dread-Armor-of-Azragor (silk swatch)
Legs: https://gracefuldusk.appspot.com/items/8223-Boneweave-Leggings (silk swatch)
Head: https://gracefuldusk.appspot.com/items/6593-Elite-Legion-Spellbearer (anti-venom salve)
Shoulders: https://gracefuldusk.appspot.com/items/8246-Bloodfury-Spaulders (silk swatch)
Hands: https://gracefuldusk.appspot.com/items/7921-Voidsteel-Gauntlets (unholy inscription)
Feet: https://gracefuldusk.appspot.com/items/8014-Voidwalker-Footpads (mark of mogdrogen
Belt: https://gracefuldusk.appspot.com/items/8201-Boneweave-Girdle (anti venom salve)
rings: https://gracefuldusk.appspot.com/items/7637-Signet-of-the-Damned x2 (soul shard, corpde duste
amulet: https://gracefuldusk.appspot.com/items/7762-Empowered-Wretched-Necessity (aether soul)
medal: Badge of mastery +5 to sigil of consumption
Relic: https://gracefuldusk.appspot.com/items/2952-Necrosis

don’t know if i did all the links right but my resistances are all above 63%, if you need more chaos resistance than aether switch components or craft a few potions depending on fight.

RMB: wendigo totem
MMB: Blood of dreeg
LMB: move
Wheel up: grasping vines
wheel down: sigil of consumption
1: storm totem
2: curse of frailty

it doesn’t do great sheet dps but it does outstanding gameplay dps, if you want more please pm me and i’ll respond

also, this is a hardcore viable character, the devotions i use proc nonstop and, i’ve completed the game hc/ult, and all dlc without dying.

Lol, i actually was referring to the OP to post his current setup. He said he had improved it and recently i noticed a way to improve his build even further provided he shared his gear setup with me.