Dreeg's Evil Eye and devotion procs - working as intended?

Not 100% sure, but it seems that only the first node of the skill (virtually single-target one) is capable of proccing devotions, not the additional fragments of the last node and not even the AoE of the second node. That seemed quite strange to me and I wonder if it’s working as intended (I can understand fragmens considered separate from the main skill, but the second AoE node too?).

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Strange, sounds wrong. volcanic stride does proc things, and that’s a mod too.

Just checked on Fire Strike (since it’s the same skill as DEE mechanically), and yes, fragments from Brimstone don’t trigger devotions. However, AoE from Explosive Strike does.

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I’m just about to play non-transmuted DEE, was testing devo bindings and wtf - it’s just as you wrote.
Neither AoE or additional projectiles proc devos. Just a single hit you target.
Real % is the one listed in devotion window no matter the number of targets / skill points you put into the tree.

I was hitting 4 dummies with a developed DEE tree and I got

  • 20 / 94 ~ 21.2% proc chance

which matches Bat proc chance for single target yet I was hitting 4 dummies right next to each other the whole time.

Precisely my thoughts. Why not at least AoE? Does anyone know if it can be changed easily or is it one of those things are too complicated to change at this point?

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