Drop of Empowered Epics/Legendaries lvl 58-75

Good day to everyone,

Do Empowered Epics/Legendaries lvl 58-75 even drop now?
Aspirant Crucible 150 brings Mythical Epics and Legendaries, have not seen any epic/legendary drop in Normal Veteran up to Asterkarn Valley.

Is it my bad luck or rates/drops were adjusted somehow?

I believe level 75 Legendary sets have not lost their value and it’s much more easier/comfortable to work your 2nd (3rd, etc) chars on the way to lvl 94-100 with full sets instead of wearing some random green/epic things.

Of course, there is a very interesting trader in the Ancient Grove selling some nice blueprints, however it will be useful only after forthcoming expansion (if the idea is to craft 3-4 helms and complete the set/sets by exchanging helms for other pieces of set).

What do you think about it?

I’ve had plenty drop at those levels. Sounds like you have bad luck.

What level are you in Asterkarn on normal? lvl 50+ stuff seems unlikely to drop there.

I am at beginning of Asterkarn Valle and my character is lvl 48 now.

The problem is I have already got some mythical items in act 3 while no empowered epics / legendaries.

Perhaps it’s my bad luck indeed and i just need to keep going on.

You’ve double checked these items and found a level requirement of 82+? Are you sure you haven’t just been seeing lower-level versions of items that also have mythical versions?

Just go back to Elite and do some challenge dungeon runs, I went there with level 95 characters (who had to do AoM in retrospect) and picked up a LOT of epics about this level. Drops depend on monster level, so this is usually the level they will be at, though in the Ancient Grove they are above 82-84 so they will be tougher and drop better loot.

i am sure it was mythical versions of some epic things.

Thanks for replies, will try Bastion of Chaos, Port of Valbury and Steps of Torment runs.

Just went back to the Sanctum of the Three on Epic with a Level 100 character (trying to find that Covenant of the Three blueprint and AFAIK it does not drop on Ultimate) and picked up a LOT of Empowered Epics in my run there, from level 58 to 75. A very few Level 82 Mythical Epics dropped too, since some enemies are over 82.

This doesn’t depend on game difficulty, but your level. You can run gladiator wave 150 - 170 with a level 50 and you will only get empowered items (or low tier legendaries). When I ran crucible on epic difficulty (I don’t remember the name of the difficulty, get off me) with my first ever character the first day AoM was on, and then solid few month after (patch 1.4.1 I believe) I had only one mythical item drop and it was, if I remember correctly, Guillotine.