[Drop Rate] A Strange Key

Would it be possible to adjust the drop rate of “A Strange Key” because I’ve run into quite a few occasions (different characters and different difficulties) where I won’t see a single key drop for 3 or more sessions and having to restart sessions just to “farm” a quest item seems kind of silly and tedious in my humble opinion.

If you don’t want to “farm” the Key it’s a guaranteed drop as a quest reward in Devils Crossing. It’s your choice whether to farm it or receive it as a reward :wink:

Ok wow. How did I not know that Direni rewards it! Learn something new every day.

If you want to learn something else, then know this that you get a blood of chthon if you kill him and report to bourbon. Which is far more rewarding imo if your rng luck for components sucks.

The blood is always handy especially on the first playthrough of a character.

If you let him go he becomes a permanent mini boss in Cronley’s hideout. I would argue that is way more rewarding, but his drop rates are kind of terrible so you’re not really losing much.

It’s funny, I was just cursing about the drop rate of that key earlier today. Three runs and nothing, on fourth run two dropped :rolleyes:

All in all it took something like 15 minutes to get the key, somehow it feels much more frustrating than it really is.

I usually go kill/kill/let go on Direni, so of course my luck on getting the key to drop outside ultimate is garbage dicks and in ult it’ll drop off half the cultists I kill.

I think the game’s drop rates are just programmed to hate everyone all the time.

Zantai probably poured a little too much of himself to the game. Kinda scary now that I think about it, maybe I should reinstall the game in a sandbox in case it turns into skynet or something.

The drop rate is way better than it used to be. It’s a piece of cake to get on Elite and Ultimate. I sometimes see it drop it twice as I’m killing cultists. Try the little cottage with the trapdoor where they hang out too.

I feel you man. It took me 5 or 6 runs to get it. Still not quite as frustrating/tedious as doing 3 hours of Fort Haron/Tomb of Archon runs to get Order/Kymon nemesis, but definitely has a similar feeling!

undoctored, and not even lured any monsters. No idea what you guys are complaining about :P.