Drop ratio and gear level

Two questions I’ve been wanting to ask the players about farming the Purples at 100.

A) Ratio of rings seems to drop very rarely compared to other slots. 4 bank slots full so far, and 2 rings. Just RNG issue or is this normal?

B) Why aren’t all drops showing Level 94? I’m getting 50/50 for items droppings in the farming areas showing 84 and not 94. Is that due to the farming areas or what? I’d think me being 100 on Ultimate would force the game to only drop 94. I’m not seeing a 84 piece and duplicate at 94.

I think it’s just RNG. There are way more non-ring items in the game than rings, therefore you’re not getting many of them.

There are legendary items at level 84 and 94 because some are supposed to help you earlier and other are “finishing items”, but they’re not weaker at all. There are builds that even rely on level 84 items even though the character is level 100. If you check grimtools.com, you’ll see there are not only items level 94 that are good. I’d even say that some 84 level items are way better than some 94 level ones - for example Butcher of Burrwitch or Crescent Moon.

A) yeah mythical legendary rings seem a bit rate, but 2 rings vs. 4 tabs of other stuff could be within a reasonable deviation from a blanced ratio. there aren’t that many differen myth. legendary rings. maybe 25 or so in total? compared to all the other item types (most of which take up multiple slots in the inventory)

B) some mythical items are level 84. there is no level 94 version of those items and the 84 item is the only/highest version. if the game omitted them, you could never find them.

wasn’t any different in the base game before AoM. most high end stuff was level 75, but there were also some level 68, 58 or 50 legandaries that still dropped at max level and had no higher level replacement. some of them were also build defining / best in slot items for various builds.

Rings aren’t nearly as rare as Amulets, and not nearly as important. There are some good ones out there, but almost never build defining.