Drops from reg mobs

I just pushed my SpellBreaker into ultimate today. OneShots are the best source of drops, but I noticed something strange. I had three purples fall from regular enemies. This happens to be one more than I had fall from heroes. Anyone else see anything like this? Fluke I’m guessing.

Contrary to popular belief regular enemies are not a bad source of legendary items. It’s somewhat lucky, but not all that unusual in my experience.


Prior to the Crucible, regular enemies had long been my primary source of Legendaries. Most people thought I was crazy though.

Makes sense, when you think about it. There’s a lot more regular enemies around than there are rare enemies and chests, so the higher frequency of a lower chance to drop Legendaries winds up being pretty good.

I have found a large percentage of purple items from regular monsters as well. My luck with heroes and bosses just sucks I guess. To me being able to clear big packs of regular monsters is key for any build to be successful or for it to be enjoyable to play. Plus, I like seeing big packs just explode all over the place.

I can vouch for regular mobs giving out good drops. It’s been like this for me since Diablo II. I farm the Three multiple times and get shit loot, and i’m simply wandering through Lower Kurast and get a crapton of items.

the only purpose trash mobs have in the “end game” is to allow you to blitz or shadow strike to in order to get to bosses and heroes faster inside dungeons.

they are a very shitty source of legendaries, or any kind of items in general, even if you can blow up instantly 3 screens of mobs like in path of exile.

the best farming methods that have been tested over and over all skip trash mobs. all of them.

Not true, the best farming runs incorporate both heroes/ bosses and trashmobs. Saying that trash drops bad loot is completely wrong.

Depends on what you’re farming.
If you farm for pure legendaries - then, yes, skip all mobs except bosses and heroes.
But if you farm MI or materia…

Well, thrash mobs do have a chance to drop legendary items and you will kill 100+ thrash mobs before you reach a hero.
Xmax for GD anyone?

Try Grimmer and Grimmest by jiaco in the mod subforum. It’s exactly that.

what the fuck are you babbling about ?

if you do full clears and someone skips trash and go straight for bosses, heroes and nems, guess who’s gonna have more loot after 100 hours?

yep, not you. not even close. learn the fucking game.

You are really buttfrustrated that someone dare disagree with you, which is kind of funny since you’re so very wrong. If you have any sort of incidental aoe (especially any decent retaliation) you can pick up packs of trash and obliterate them in somewhere between 0-0.5 seconds depending on how fast your cpu is. If you do this you will see more loot drop (because you’re killing more things) and will more loot rolls comes more loot you give a damn about.

Before you go spouting off, you should really learn basic probabilities.

There is other loot besides Legendaries. White/yellow mobs can drop MIs - some of which are BiS for some builds with the right affixes.

Interesting that the two community members who probably know the mechanics of this game best (Nine and Ceno) come down on the other side of this argument from you.

I’ve dropped over 20 legendaries from trash mobs in around 450 hours of playtime. Ulzuin Chestguard, Markovian shield and just recently Ultos Stormseeker to name a few examples.

I pretty much waste no time in killing them because all my characters have big AoE attacks, meaning i can rush to the heroes and kill every trash mob around it while i’m at it.

So yes, saying that killing trash mobs is pointless is an extremely exaggerated statement.

gj missing the point entirely. of course if you kill trash instantly on your way to a boss you should, but if you go out of your way to kill them with hopes of getting legendaries, you are doing it wrong.

i used to be clearing most areas almost completely back when i had constellations to level up, was getting mediocre loot per hour. now that experience is useless and i no longer have a use for trash mobs, i swim in legendaries.

it’s very simple.

i once got a stormcaller under a rock. should i go out of my way to turn all the rocks in a zone too? idiot.

Get off your high horse and stop insulting people to prove your point.
You’re also contradicting yourself, you said to skip trash first and now you say you should kill trash on your way to the boss.
I also swim in legendaries and I kill most trash I encounter. Do you have actual data to back upo your claims since you’re so intent on calling everyone that disagrees with you idiots?

“if you do full clears and someone skips trash and go straight for bosses, heroes and nems, guess who’s gonna have more loot after 100 hours?”

this is what I said. show me an efficient farm route that focuses on killing trash mobs since according to you, it’s a good source of legendaries. go ahead.

I don’t have any data either, like you, but I don’t go around calling people stupid because their experience doesn’t match mine. You just state something and expect me to deliver proof of the opposite.
On the other hand, logic alone should tell you which method gives more loot. Killing hundreds of enemies with very low chance to drop legendaries, or killing 5 heroes with a slightly higher chance?
Note that I’m NOT saying you should focus on trash mobs, as you seem to interpret what I said. Of course routes with lots of heroes are best. But if you ignore the trash on the way you’re wasting lots of possible drops since you can onehit all of them anyway, and the 10% you can’t you can feel free to skip.

fair enough.

From my own experience - around 90-95% of my legendaries dropped from heroes/bosses/treasure troves (including boss chests and legendaries, crafted from heart/brain/blood - that drop from heroes/bosses only). It’s despite i almost never skipped trash.
So, i can clain for SURE, that you can and should skip trash, if you care about legendaries only. But, if you also want some MI from them, or some materia, or experience to level up/level constellations - then you shouldnt skip them.

BTW, i a got a big share of my legendaries just leveling my character - from Exalted Stashes. Basically speaking, almost every exalted stash in Ultimate drops a legendary item (Exalted Stashes dont respawn with logout).