Druid (Arcanist + Shaman) ranged lighting Primal Strike: it’s a shock!

Welcom to all ! The link to the grimdawn calc build : here.


+Massive damages;

+Good health, good health regen, good resistance, good damges over time;

+A panic button;

+Mana ? Is there a mana resource in this game ?;

+Easy to play.


-Storm Totem and Wind Devil are not the most convenient skill on earth.


After finished my fire AAR build, I thought that I reached the pinnacle of power.

I was so wrong.This Druid build destroys enemies.

Primal Strike with good attack and casting speed is a crushing force. Wind devil and Storm Totem are here to add damages and lower lighting resistance.

This build rely on principles that I always apply for Hardcore :

• A panic button ;
• Mobility ;
• One main skill and one main source of damage;
• Ranged.

In the end, I have the feeling that everything come to place with this build. Druid and Arcanist balance each other weaknesses, the devotion points are on point, there are suitable items to used (even if unfortunately, this build can’t use the Primal Strike’s item set because is for close combat).

The build is not quite finished yet, I reach the beginning of Ashes of Malmouth on Ultimate Hardcore difficulty, and so far the journey was fun and easy. The best build I tried so far.

For me the damages are one point, what do you think ?

Gameplay :

Move, Primal Strike to the death the fools in front of you, start again.You can easily stand your ground and welcome incoming enemies with the raging storm.

It’s true that it can seem a little bit boring, but it allows to have more concentration on what is happening on the screen. And it’s more dynamic that it may appears.

For the most challenging fights, it’s more like this: attack a group of enemies, wait they reach you, invoke the storm totem and the wind devil, dash to distance to let them being electrocuted, attack again, teleport to avoid a new wave of attack or an AOE (Area of Effect), while leaving behind another totem and wind devil, attack again.

This build offers flexibility, you can prepare the battle by summoning totems and wind devil in advance, or face tank enemies that take you by surprise.

What do you mean by “we need to reevaluate my electric bill ?”

Thoughts and advices:

This build is good but not invulnerable. After hours of melting enemies as if there were made of butter, an unexpected burst of damage can catch you off-guard. However, Blood of Giant, Turtle Shell, Wayward Soul and obviously Mirror of Ereoctes are here to prevent that.

Devotion points can be rearranged, but Hand of Ultos is a must have to Primal Strike. I linked Elemental Storm to Wind Devil to maximise the reduction lighting resistance. You can really see when the effect it, the burst of damage is real!

For the items, anything with lighting damages of course. But Mythical Raka’Jax is the real deal by adding 80% of the weapon damage to Primal Strike.

A glyph on the medal for teleportation skill is madantory, it’s a life saver. With the new dashing skill for all characters, this build is much more easy to play!

Sometimes, casting Storm Totem and Wind Devil can break the momentum and let you expose to attacks. Luckly, this build doesn’t rely solely on life leach. I really hope that one day they change Wind Devil a little bit, it’s not a very pleasant skill to use.

Sorry sir, I thought that my teaser was on “non-letal mode”.

In conclusion:

This build is for you if you like :

• Crushing enemies at distance;
• Reling mostly one skill;
• Pathologically having auras;
• Having + 6 to all your Shaman skill.

This build is not for you if you:

• Like clicking on multiples skill like a mad person;
• Want to be free of any farming item;
• Are allergic to Wind Devil (that I can understand).

If you have any advice or improvement to share, please do! I’m open to anything to help me not dying in this game!

I’m currently trying a vitality Witch Hunter Phantasmal Blades. It’s so good and satisfying, but damn it’s squishy on early game, I’m having a hearth attack every fight ><

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Thanks, should work now!


@Shoka How about you include Arcane Bomb like that Druid, Level 100 (GD - Grim Dawn Build Calculator

Holy crab ! I knew that someone will smash so numbers, but I didn’t expected that much ! What is this build ?

Interesting ! I will try it

Looks incredible. I was wondering of using Savegery on a next build. Is it fun to play according to you ? Its rely a lot on life leach ?

Life leach is not a problem here. Main problem is low da if you will go for super bosses. No problems in MC, CR, SR 75-76. In sr you should be accurate with fabuis barrier-you can oneshot yourself with upheaval proc. Build is fun

curious you didn’t take Widow for max lightning shred :thinking: