Druid build?

Can’t find one anywhere. I’d even settle for an old one, just trying to get this train wreck from 85 to 100 :stuck_out_tongue:

Try Storm Totem + Wind Devil for overall damage and AoE and maybe TSS or Devastation for nuking.

Trozan’s Sky Shard + Wind Devil is a popular, good Druid build.

Druid can also be done with the Ultos set and Savagery.

TSS Druid is popular for the caster style, and mad_lee has a 2h melee Ultos Druid as well. With the AAR changes, you can also make an AAR Druid using the Stormseer Sapphire neck to convert the fire and aether to cold and lightning.

Wow so nobody has posted a druid build? I had some vague ideas myself, but was hoping for a more specific build.

The offense is easy, but it’s like the squishiest damn thing ever and tough to break 10k hp.






most the Druid builds are in the older thread, Compendium V.

Click on thread, hit ctrl+f, type druid. Bam. browse at ur leisure.

Just recently had a mythical Stormseeker drop for me, piques my interest in a melee 2h build as well.

Lightning Obliteration Caster Druid :

DW Melee Druid :

Two Handed Melee Druid :

Lightning Pet Druid :


For HC AoM, check this thread for concept, very nice tanky caster :

There should be other Druid builds available on forum

Currently leveling a druid actually, and this is my character:


Obviously not the best gear though, as I haven’t started farming in the expansion yet. I have cleared ultimate with her though, and pre expansion I had killed the Mad queen, and John Bourbon with her but it did require a lot of kiting.

A Panetti’s druid using Farath’s Cube could be interesting

appreciate it! i tried compendium V but looked elsewhere when i saw druid wasn’t mentioned anywhere in the summary at the beginning

awesome! tyvm