Druid Dual Wielding Gunslinger

Hey everyone.

I’ve been playing my Druid for a bit and the lightning theme has struck me good! Now that I’m a bit more comfortable, I’ve been playing with the idea of being a lightning themed DW gunslinger. There isn’t a lot of historic information for this particular combination, possibly due to it not being optimal.

However, with the latest patch I’m wondering where this build would stand and if it’s at all viable. Otherwise, what other mastery combo would be good for a lightning DW gunslinger?

Vindicator with Storm Serpent set :slight_smile: I have a budget sketch here https://www.grimtools.com/calc/DV9zx4nZ

And of course Purifier [] Budget Lightning DW Ranged Purifier also budget build, by Nerd… sorry I meant Nery

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Purifier have excellent synergy for DW gun build. Auto attack, WPS skills, attack speed, defensive skills like Seal and Blast shield.

Cheers! Arcanist hasn’t been doing a lot for me lately. Mostly using it for TSS, but I haven’t found it meshing well with my playstyle yet. Definitely something to consider speccing out of in favor of VIND/PURI

And vindicator has good life steal and Savagery, but I guess Purifier will draw the longest straw in a straight up comparison. Vindicator is more for 2H when it comes to ranged

I guess one can also consider AAR as a ranged skill? :wink:

What I’m gathering is: Druid DW gunslinger = no bueno?