Dryad Constellation Idea

I think Dryad’s Blessing (the skill) has a chance to be awesome because it is one of the only “on-attack” heals that isn’t life-leech. But…people don’t pick it because of the so-so constellation nodes. I think you guys should add “Life Leech resist” to one of the nodes, as this is hard to find and would greatly boost the pick rate. Also, maybe add a reduction in vitality decay to the skill, on top of poison and bleed. This would make it a go-to anti-DoT skill with a rare resist on its nodes.

I think that if they made the proc to reduce all DoTs by 20% and maybe add some HP damage reduction people would actually prioritize it over other things or at least remember it exists.

I pick it on pretty much “ALL” my casters except those that have weapon damage. It’s not completely useless it’s just that 99% of builds are LMB ADctH based.

I have no issue with your suggestions, but it’s not going to change the current meta.


but I like the base idea about “anti-dot-constellation”, so, maybe, adding some -shock/freeze/burn will make sense

I think another problem is the ROI: You got 3 for 5.

So if you want to go the Yellow Path to get other constellations, Dryad might be a little bit too expensive.

Dryad being expensive is the exact reason you don’t run it. Also being yellow, but that’s not quite as important.

^This. At least in my case. I would love to pick it up on my pet builds, but costs too much for the points it offers in return.

Dryad proc is ok,but still 5 points for 3 in return is not good investment :money_with_wings:

Also on some builds,especially fire I already lack enough skills for procing.

We need Zantai constellation. Why? Zantai has a ban hammer, so you probably already guessed that it could ban the requirement and we’d get Dryad for free. :zantai:

I don’t find dryad proc OK.
3.2 cd for ~15% hp? :face_with_monocle: Too little. Give buff with additional regeneration, or much more armor, or twice less cd and twice more healing.
Mr Z. afraid of serious changes, IMO he shouldn’t, really weak mechanics should be changed serious, not -0.4 sec cd from patch to patch.

The proc itself is fine. It’s pretty comparable to behemoth, it’s just too expensive. It’s also SUPER powerful with some CDR.

Ofc it don’t.

https://www.grimtools.com/calc/a2dlxq82 - BWC spam build (not completely FG ready)
https://www.grimtools.com/calc/lV7Bv6y2 - Mortar Trap build (not completely FG ready)

Demo wins again. To be honest, I use dryad predominantly on demo hybrids because it’s an easy way to gain an “on attack heal”. Demos main arsenal outside of firestrike does not have %weapon damage so you gain health just by flashbanging enemies which I have no issue with.

I get where this thread comes from though because people are used to a certain playstyle. On ADctH builds you stand on one spot whilst your lifebar jumps up and down like a yo-yo. Then you look at dryad and think fuck that, how is a skill that’s only available every 3 seconds supposed to save me?

For attack builds it is excellent of you have a spare ability on low CD. For example, my Shieldbreaker has 15337 health unbuffed. Dryad at 25 does 10%+550-ish (it comes to 2087). It is a 100% proc on attack. So long as the skill has around a 10 second CD, its buff is up all the time. It is on a 2.3 second CD with Vire+CDR, so every 2.3 seconds I get 2087 health and perma-armor. Basically, it beats Behemoth heal for heal on the right ability. I think the Dryad is sad…cheer her up Crate. She always on the bench while Chariot of the Dead, Behemoth and Tree of Life get picked…